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General Links & Resources

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Australian History on the Internet
An annotated collection of resources.
Sections include: Reference Library ; Historical Documents ; Institutions & Organizations ; Overseas Sources ; Australian Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander ; Online Journals ; Centres Overseas ;
Resources at Australian Universities ; Current Issues.
Compiled by Helen Wade, Senior Subject Library, National Library of Australia

Women's History Month
" about women, the present, and the past. Its main aim is to help us appreciate women's contribution to history."
Sections include: Program ; Live Chat ; Discussion ; Resources ; Links.

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Aboriginal Studies
World Wide Web Virtual Library
"This document keeps track of leading information facilities in the field of Australian Aboriginal studies and is maintained in conjunction with the Center For World Indigenous Studies' (CWIS) Indigenous Studies WWW Virtual Library ."

ANZAC Day (25 April)
From the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Queensland)

Australian Family History and Genealogy on the Internet
National Library of Australia

Australian Historical Resources
"The following sites have been selected because they provide either primary resources or information useful in the study of Australian topics. Although it is aimed at the historian, researchers from other disciplines will find much of use."

Australian Information Server in History and the Humanities
Department of History & Politics at James Cook University of North Queensland, and the Department of History at the University of Melbourne

Australian Science Archives Project
Includes "Hundreds of links to resources in the history of science, technology and medicine, archival information and more."

City of Sydney: Historical Sydney
- The Official Site

  • Barani - Indigenous History of Sydney
    "Barani contains the history, life stories and images of many Indigenous men and women who have made great contributions to their people and their country. The story of Aboriginal Sydney could not be told without recognising their achievements."
  • City of Sydney Archives Image Collection - (dead link)
    "The City of Sydney Archives is responsible for managing a collection of more than 120,000 archival photographs and other images of the City. So far we have digitised about 20,000 of them into ARCHIVEpix."

National Library of Australia's Federation Gateway
"The National Library of Australia's Federation Gateway has been created to assist you to locate a wide variety of materials like books, web sites, pictures and manuscripts relating to the Federation of Australia...The National Library of Australia has a rich collection of this material which includes early maps from the Federation period, papers from the various Federation movements and conferences of the 19th Century, photos and ephemera relating to Federation as well as information on the recent debates on Australia's constitutional future."

National Library of Australia: Internet Resources
An extensive collection of resources.

Nineteenth Century Exploration of Australia
"The site features the reproduction of the 1893 map of explorers' routes from the great naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace's regional study Australasia, plus links to online sources on the explorers involved, and the full-text of Wallace's own treatment of the period of Australian exploration from his book."
Created by Charles H. Smith, Science Librarian, Associate Professor, Western Kentucky University & Jennifer Rakestraw

The Road from Coorain
PBS Masterpeice Theatre - May 13, 2002
"Jill Ker Conway's extraordinary life story begins with her childhood on her parents' sheep ranch in New South Wales, Australia, and takes her to the brink of a brilliant career in academia. An inspiring and haunting work, The Road from Coorain is the story of a childhood and an account of the relationship between two extraordinary women." "Features on the site include: Memoirs of girlhood -- Coming-of-age around the world: A survey of international tales of growing up; these memoirs come from Cambodia, Ireland, China, Chile, Zimbabwe, and other diverse points on the globe."
Sections also include: Essays & Interviews ; Russell Baker ; Autobiography to Film ; Synopsis ; Teacher's Guide ; The Forum ; Links & Bibliography.

Teaching Heritage
A Professional Development Website for Teachers
Includes an extensive collection of Resources and Teaching Units.
Office of the Board of Studies, New South Wales, Australia

  • State Heritage Inventory (SHI)
    "The State Heritage Inventory is a computer database that lists all items of heritage significance in New South Wales."

Women's History Month
" about women, the present, and the past. Its main aim is to help us appreciate women's contribution to history."
Sections include: Program ; Live Chat ; Discussion ; Resources ; Links.

World War One Internment records in the [Australian] National Office - (dead link)

Maintained by Mike Madin.
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