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About AcademicInfo

With designs to guide both aspiring students on the advantages and avenues to researching and searching for educational tinged information, AcademicInfo was created in 1998 by Michael Madin.

Bearing witness to the lack of authoritative educational internet resources, while a student of comparative religion at the University of Washington, Mike believed an alternative to Google was needed for those thirsting for subject area specific information.

AcademicInfo, while still some way off Mike's initial vision, aims to cover all aspects of education. From Accreditation, Test Preparation to guides on respective subject areas, AcademicInfo will also provide current and aspiring students with a myriad of degree and courses for those looking to enhance their professional credential as well as those seeking personal development.

The educational spectrum is vast and multifaceted so acting as a conduit, AcademicInfo is able to bring together the best educational institutions and programs they offer directly to you.

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This site was founded by librarian Mike Madin in 1998. After more than 20 years on the Internet, AcademicInfo has become the premier website for education and university related information and reviews.

While we do our very best to provide accurate and up-to-date information, please contact us if you find anything that is either wrong, or that you feel is missing from the site.

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