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Aboriginal Studies
World Wide Web Virtual Library
"This document keeps track of leading information facilities in the field of Australian Aboriginal studies and is maintained in conjunction with the Center For World Indigenous Studies' (CWIS) Indigenous Studies WWW Virtual Library - (dead link)."
Edited by T. Matthew Ciolek

AusAnthrop: Anthropology and Aboriginal Australia
"This site is dedicated to research and resources in anthropology, for academics as well as the layman. Special accent is on Aboriginal Australia, and more specifically on the Western Desert cultural bloc. However, other resources are, and future resources will be, of interest to a wider public, whether anthropologists or not."

  • Database on Tribes and Languages
    " an on-line database on Australian Aboriginal tribes, nations, languages, and dialectal groups. It is a reference database that should help to find a tribe or language from the many alternative names and spellings used in the literature. The database contains alternative names, some places of location, bibliogrpahic references, a links to archival files at the South Australian Museum, linguistic classifications such as those by the SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) and the AIATSIS (Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies), as well as the name given in EAA (Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia)."
  • Western Desert Project
    " a sub directory of the AusAnthrop web site. It describes the methods, means and results of an ongoing project on land tenure and kinship of the Aborigines of the Western Desert of Australia. The aim is to analyse contemporary social structure among these 40 and more dialectal groups, as well as to investigate historical transformations.

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commission Web Site
An extensive collection of online resources. Topics include Cultural Info, Issues, Media, Heritage, Justice. The site also has an excellent Library page.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Page - (dead link)
"This page is designed to be a starting point for links to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Information in Victoria and Australia and to act as a platform for the local Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to publish their own information on the Internet."
Part of VICNET

Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Library Resource Network

Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre
Southern Arrernte Aboriginal tribal group

Aboriginal Health Au

Aboriginal Links International
Excellent collection of online resources

ATSI WWW Resource Directory - (dead link)
Sites by, for or about Australian Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander people.
"To be eligible for inclusion a site must contain some meaningful cultural, social or political material, or act as an information or research resource."

Australian Aboriginal Writers - (dead link)

Bringing them Home
Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families

City of Sydney: Historical Sydney
- The Official Site

  • Barani - Indigenous History of Sydney
    "Barani contains the history, life stories and images of many Indigenous men and women who have made great contributions to their people and their country. The story of Aboriginal Sydney could not be told without recognising their achievements."


Frontier Online
'Frontier Online' will link the historical events portrayed in 'Frontier', the ABC-TV documentary series on Australia's 150 year land war, to the contemporary debate on national reconciliation
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Indigenous Resources Info on the Web
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council - (dead link)
Western Australia

Koori Net
A Project of the Koori Centre, University of Sydney
Includes Mailing Lists, Publications, Internet Sites
Maintained by John Hobson

The Koorie Heritage Trust Inc. - (dead link)

Koorie Research Centre - (dead link)
A very informative site with an extensive collection of links to online resources
Monash University

"A very safe site full of resources for the Australian Aboriginal peoples. The best Aboriginie site on the internet. For a wealth of information about reconciliation, land tittles, rights, youth, programs, art, mabo, culture, and heritage"

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Website (NATSIEW) - (dead link)
Use keywords and maps to explore the culture, issues and education of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
An initiative of the National Coordinators of Aboriginal Education.

National Aboriginal History and Heritage Council - (dead link)
Article [1] - 1938 Day of Mourning Proposal

National Library of Australia: Internet Resources
An extensive collection of resources.

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Australia - (dead link)
Topics include News, Academic Resources, Indexes, Government, Education, Business, Electronic Publishing, Information Technology and Networks, General Information and References, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Information.

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