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Parliamentary Library
Includes a nice selection of Internet Resource Guides
Parliament of Australia

Australian Commonwealth Governments Entry Point
With information on Parliament, Legislature, Departments & Agencies

Chronology of Parliaments
Listing since 1901

First Women in Australian Parliaments - Historical Note
Department of the Parliamentary Library, Research Note 55 1996-97
By Janet Wilson & Consie Larmour

Historical Parliamentary Information
Parliamentary Library, Parliament of Australia

National Library of Australia's Federation Gateway
"The National Library of Australia's Federation Gateway has been created to assist you to locate a wide variety of materials like books, web sites, pictures and manuscripts relating to the Federation of Australia...The National Library of Australia has a rich collection of this material which includes early maps from the Federation period, papers from the various Federation movements and conferences of the 19th Century, photos and ephemera relating to Federation as well as information on the recent debates on Australia's constitutional future."

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