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Africans in America
"America's journey through slavery is presented in four parts. For each era, you'll find a historical Narrative, a Resource Bank of images, documents, stories, biographies, and commentaries, and a Teacher's Guide for using the content of the Web site and television series in U.S. history courses."
PBS Online

American History 102: Civil War to the Present - (dead link)
An excellent class page including an Image Gallery & Primary Sources, lecture outlines, notes, and study guides, and an extensive and well organized collection of online resources.
Stanley K. Schultz, Dept. of History, University of Wisconsin

Cassie & Tom's Gettysburg Trips
" Our personal photo collection of Gettysburg, an original painting of the field of Pickett's Charge, a 'then and now' section and an epilog on Fort Delaware and Finn's Point Cemetery."
Tourist photos of exceptional quality.

Crisis at Fort Sumter
"...an interactive historical simulation and decision making program. Using text, images, and sound, it reconstructs the dilemmas of policy formation and decision making in the period between Abraham Lincoln's election in November 1740 and the battle of Fort Sumter in April 1741."
By Richard B. Latner, Tulane University

Documenting the American South - (dead link)
The Southern Experience in 19th Century America
"provides digitized primary materials that offer Southern perspectives on American history and culture. It supplies teachers, students, and researchers at every educational level with a wide array of titles they can use for reference, studying, teaching, and research."
Includes Slave Narratives, First-Person Narratives, and Southern Literature
University of North Carolina

Furman University Department of History - Nineteenth Century Documents Project
"When completed this collection will include accurate transcriptions of many important and representative primary texts from nineteenth century American history, with special emphasis on those sources that shed light on sectional conflict."
By Lloyd Benson

  • Secession Era Editorials Project
    Includes: Nebraska Bill Editorials (1854) ; Caning of Sumner Editorials (1856) ; Dred Scott Editorials (1857) ; Harper's Ferry / John Brown Editorials (1859).
    "When complete the project will have at least one complete run of editorials from each major political party in each state of the Union."

Historical New York Times Project
"The Historical New York Times Project is the first of a series of projects undertaken by the Universal Library at Carnegie Mellon University, to provide everyone with a glimpse into the actual events as they were seen by the people of the day. You will see the rich tapestry of lives, so like ours today, in which now famous events were actually understood, and misunderstood...What we present is not for the historian, who has access to the microfilms and who has the time to study them, but for the general public, worldwide."

National Park Service - The American Civil War
Sections include: About the Civil War ; Civil War Parks ; Civil War Education ; Battlefield Protection ; Soldiers & Sailors System ; African American in the Civil War.

PBS - American Experience - John Brown's Holy War (January 2004)
Companion website to the PBS broadcast of the film by Robert Kenner.
"Martyr, madman, murderer, hero: John Brown remains one of history's most controversial and misunderstood figures. In the 1850s, he and his ragtag guerrilla group embarked on a righteous crusade against slavery that was based on religious faith -- yet carried out with shocking violence. His execution set off a chain of events that led to the Civil War."
Sections include: The Film & More ; Special Features ; Timeline ; Maps ; People & Events ; Teacher's Guide.

PBS - American Experience - Reconstruction: The Second Civil War (January 2004)
Website companion to the TV broadcast.
"...offers insights into topics in American history including the Civil War, slavery, abolition, race relations, definitions of freedom and citizenship, civil rights, black suffrage and election to political office, impeachment, regional political differences, nationbuilding after war, the cotton economy, sharecropping, federal government intervention in the states, and more."
Sections include: Watch the Program ; 40 Acres and a Mule ; Plantations in Ruins ; Black Legislators ; Northerners in the South ; Slave to Sharecropper ; In God We Trust ; White Men Unite ; State by State ; Teacher's Guide ; 1870 Map ; Black Citizens.

PBS - American Experience - The Time of the Lincolns (January 2004)
"A companion to the film Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided, produced and directed by David Grubin...offer insights into topics in American history including women's rights, slavery, abolition, politics and partisanship, the growth of the industrial economy, and the Civil War."
Sections include: Partisan Politics ; Slavery & Freedom ; A Rising Nation ; Americans at War ; A Woman's World ; Teacher's Guide ; Maps ; Foot Soldiers ; Virtual Tour [slave cabin and examine the conditions of slavery].

PBS - The Civil War
A Film By Ken Burns
New web site to accompany the September 2002 rebroadcast of the classic documentary.
Sections include: Images of the Civil War ; The Film, Past and Present ; The War ; The Filmmakers ; In the Classroom ; Image Browser ; Telling Details ; Telling A Story.

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