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General Resources (below)
Digital Library - Online Publications, Exhibits & Documents
African Americans & the Civil War
Women & the Civil War
Teaching the Civil War


General Resources & Links

American & Military History
A site dedicated to the Corps of Cadets at the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY

The Institute For Civil War Research
"...dedicated to researching the history of small units during the American Civil War. Information is available on 7740 units from the most embattled First Alabama Cavalry to one of the most famous, the Twentieth Maine Infantry, to the most obscure such as the Sanitary Louisiana Regiment."

The American Civil War
A well organized collection of links
Dakota State University

American Civil War Collections at the Electronic Text Center
"...home to a variety of primary source material on the American Civil War, including letters, diaries and newspapers."
University of Virginia

The American Civil War Homepage
"...gathers together in one place hypertext links to the most useful identified electronic files about the American Civil War (1741-1745). The page opens a gateway to the Internet's multi-formatted resources about what is arguably the seminal event in American history."
By George H. Hoemann, University of Tennessee

Atlanta History Center

  • Lesson Plans: American Civil War, 1861-1865
    "Students investigate the steps taken to defeat the Confederate states by following the path of an Indiana soldier on his journey with Sherman's army from the Midwest to the Atlantic."

Causes of the Civil War
"This site was founded with the intent of collecting copies of or links to as many primary documents from the period of the secession crisis as is reasonably possible, with the goal of shedding light on the causes of secession, hence of the war."
By James F. Epperson

Civil War Treasures from the New-York Historical Society
"The images in this digital collection are drawn from the New-York Historical Society's rich archival collections that document the Civil War. They include recruiting posters for New York City regiments of volunteers; stereographic views documenting the mustering of soldiers and of popular support for the Union in New York City; photography showing the war's impact, both in the north and south; and drawings and writings by ordinary soldiers on both sides."
American Memory, Library of Congress

Eye of the Storm - (dead link)
"...takes you on an unforgettable journey through the Civil War. Through this online intepretation, [sic] you can experience the life of a Civil War soldier through Sneden's journal entries. Audio accounts of Sneden's narrative with commentary by the Director of the Virginia Historical Society, Charles F. Bryan, Jr. can be heard by visiting the movies section of this site. Also included here are forums through which visitors can discuss the work and Civil War history."
From Journal E

Furman University Department of History - Nineteenth Century Documents Project
"When completed this collection will include accurate transcriptions of many important and representative primary texts from nineteenth century American history, with special emphasis on those sources that shed light on sectional conflict."
By Lloyd Benson

  • Secession Era Editorials Project
    Includes: Nebraska Bill Editorials (1854) ; Caning of Sumner Editorials (1856) ; Dred Scott Editorials (1857) ; Harper's Ferry / John Brown Editorials (1859).
    "When complete the project will have at least one complete run of editorials from each major political party in each state of the Union."

Genealogy Today - Civil War Resources
By John Lacombe, II

H-Civwar Discussion Network
"H-CivWar is the H-Net discussion list dealing with the culture and history of the Civil War."

Historical New York Times Project
"The Historical New York Times Project is the first of a series of projects undertaken by the Universal Library at Carnegie Mellon University, to provide everyone with a glimpse into the actual events as they were seen by the people of the day. You will see the rich tapestry of lives, so like ours today, in which now famous events were actually understood, and misunderstood...What we present is not for the historian, who has access to the microfilms and who has the time to study them, but for the general public, worldwide."

History of the Civil War, 1741-1745
By James Ford Rhodes, 1917.
Published 2000 by

[Illinois] Illinois Civil War Veterans Database
"...indexes the first eight volumes of the nine volume publication, Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois. (The ninth volume lists veterans of Black Hawk, Mexican, and Spanish-American Wars.) This 1900-1901 publication, originating from the rosters maintained during the Civil War by the Illinois Adjutant General, is the result of an 1899 Illinois statute mandating that a corrected version of these records and subsequent publications be printed. The names of approximately 250,000 men, organized into 175 regiments, are found in its pages."
Created by Fred Delap and donated to the Illinois State Archives

National Park Service - The American Civil War
Sections include: About the Civil War ; Civil War Parks ; Civil War Education ; Battlefield Protection ; Soldiers & Sailors System ; African Americans in the Civil War.

[New York] New York History Net
Sections include: Archives ; Books ; Civil War ; Conferences ; Education ; Erie Canal ; Exhibits ; Genealogy ; Government ; Historians ; Historical Societies ; Jobs ; Local Sites ; Museums ; Organizations.
A Project of The Institute For New York State Studies

PBS - American Experience - John Brown's Holy War (January 2004)
Companion website to the PBS broadcast of the film by Robert Kenner.
"Martyr, madman, murderer, hero: John Brown remains one of history's most controversial and misunderstood figures. In the 1850s, he and his ragtag guerrilla group embarked on a righteous crusade against slavery that was based on religious faith -- yet carried out with shocking violence. His execution set off a chain of events that led to the Civil War."
Sections include: The Film & More ; Special Features ; Timeline ; Maps ; People & Events ; Teacher's Guide.

PBS - The Civil War
A Film By Ken Burns
New web site to accompany the September 2002 rebroadcast of the classic documentary.
Sections include: Images of the Civil War ; The Film, Past and Present ; The War ; The Filmmakers ; In the Classroom ; Image Browser ; Telling Details ; Telling A Story.

Symbols of Honor: Civil War Flags In National Park Service Collections
Sections include: Overview ; Image Gallery ; Map.
- National Park Service

U.S. Civil War Center
Louisiana State University
Their Index of Civil War Links (over 2100) may be the most comprehensive on the Internet

US Civil War Generals
"This is a concise index to the Generals who fought on both sides of the US Civil War, and has been specifically prepared for the Internet. It is not meant to replace the several excellent biographies and encyclopedias which have been published in print form, and which contain much more information than is intended for this index."
By Kerry Webb

The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War
"The Valley of the Shadow Project takes two communities, one Northern and one Southern, through the experience of the American Civil War. The project is a hypermedia archive of thousands of sources for the period before, during, and after the Civil War for Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Those sources include newspapers, letters, diaries, photographs, maps, church records, population census, agricultural census, and military records. Students can explore every dimension of the conflict and write their own histories, reconstructing the life stories of women, African Americans, farmers, politicians, soldiers, and families. The project is intended for secondary schools, community colleges, libraries, and universities."
- University of Virginia Research Project

War and War-Era Movies
Sections include: US Civil War ; World War I ; Spanish Civil War ; World War II ; Korean War ; Vietnamese War ; World War III.
UC Berkeley - Media Resources Center

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