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Supreme Court of the United States

ABA Commission on Women in the Profession

American Women
A Gateway to Library of Congress Resources for the Study of Women's History and Culture in the United States
"The site contains a slightly expanded and fully searchable version of the print publication American Women: A Library of Congress Guide for the Study of Women's History and Culture in the United States (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 2001)."
Sections include: General Collections ; Serial & Government Publications ;

Common-Place: Special Issue on the Constitution
Vol. 2, No. 4, July 2002
Roundtable Discussion: The Uses & Abuses of the Constitution
"In eight paired essays, historians, political scientists, journalists, and lawyers examine the uses and abuses of the Constitution in contemporary American political affairs, from Bush v. Gore to the The Clinton Impeachment."
Sections include: Electoral College ; The Clinton Impeachment ; The Second Amendment ; Women and the Constitution.

Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy

From the Back Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond
A five-segment audio history of abortion rights in the United States.
History Dept., University at Albany, SUNY

An International Women's Rights Organization
"As a human rights organization, MADRE does much more than document and condemn abuses. We work with women who are affected by violations to help them win justice and, ultimately, change the conditions that give rise to human rights abuses. And we challenge US policies that undermine human rights."

National Center for Lesbian Rights
Sections include: News ; Projects ; Events ; The Docket ; Publications ; What's New ; Other Resources.

National Center for Victims of Crime

Now Legal Defense and Education Fund

PBS - NOVA Online

Reproductive Health & Rights Center
The CARAL Pro-Choice Education Fund

Stalking Resource Center
National Center for Victims of Crime

Toolkit To End Violence Against Women
"To provide concrete guidance to communities, policy leaders, and individuals engaged in activities to end violence against women, the National Advisory Council on Violence Against Women developed the Toolkit To End Violence Against Women. The recommendations contained in the Toolkit were reviewed by numerous experts in the fields of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking ... Each Toolkit chapter focuses on a particular audience or environment and includes recommendations for strengthening prevention efforts and improving services and advocacy for victims."

Women's Legal History Biography Project
"Our primary purpose in building the website is to extend the historiography of women as lawyers in the United States. To date, there are few texts on the aspirations and accomplishments of pioneer women lawyers, and even less on how the profession has changed as a result of their entry...The website grows out of Professor Barbara Babcock's course at Stanford Law School on Women's legal history. The librarians of the Robert Crown Library conceived and maintain the site: Andrew Gurthet, Paul Lomio and Erika Wayne, with special credit to Rita Lomio (Summer 1998) and H. Katharine Lo (Summer 2001)."
Sections include: The Women ; Biographical Chapters ; Articles, Research Leads and Bibliographies ; Obituaries ; Photographs ; Clara Shortridge Foltz ; Links.

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