LSAT Preparation

Introduction to LSAT Preparation

Preparation for the Law School Admission Test involves, first and foremost, an appropriate bachelor's degree. The LSAT is hardly a casual exam. Your undergraduate education should include training in logic, rhetoric, and reasoning, even if only at the most rudimentary of levels. That way, you will at least have a reference point when you begin to prepare.

LSAT Preparation FAQs

Can I practice for free?

Free practice LSATs are commonly administered as recruitment exercises, whether online, by test preparation centers, or even by some schools. Beginning with a practice LSAT either before or after you begin to study in earnest will give you a ballpark estimate of your current skill level. A law career is founded on an impressive juris doctor; obtaining that is preceded by a solid test score. Once you know where you stand and where you want to go-after considering possible target universities-you are prepared to evaluate the next step in your law school preparation.

Should I use distance learning for the LSAT?

If your sights are lower or your skills are higher, you might be happy with your initial score. Simply trying practice tests and questions online, or buying a test preparation book, may be all that you need. However, most students want to do more than settle for whatever they would accomplish off the cuff. If an online study option sounds the most viable for your personality and schedule, consider distance education. Distance learning packages usually include software, books, online materials, or all three. Depending on the quality and price of the course you choose to take, you may also be able to interact one-on-one with tutors through online or telephone communication.

Should I enroll in a classroom test preparation course?

As always, the complete classroom experience remains an excellent option for those aiming for top programs or extreme improvement. Earning the maximum grade that you can will greatly influence your law school experience, even if you do not end up going to a top-tier university. Many programs offer scholarships based on academic and experience-based criteria. A high LSAT score is a significant factor in determining the level of financial aid that you can secure.

Of course, trying distance learning before a classroom course is always an option. Important to note, though, is the nature of score reporting. All scores in the past five years will be reported to schools that you apply to; as a result, you might not want to actually sit the LSAT itself without some preparation. Preparation courses will not only help you get accustomed to the nature of the LSAT questions, they will teach you the actual skills of logic and reasoning that will help you beyond the test and into your law school career. As a result, you should, at the very least, look into free preparation services or simple LSAT preparation materials.

Even if you do not want to pay for a complete course, carefully prepare on your own and take practice LSAT exams. You cannot be casual in your experience on this test and expect to accomplish beyond your efforts-but with that said, there are numerous options for LSAT test preparation, enough for you to eventually approach it with complete comfort.

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