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PBS - Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly - One Nation: Election 2006
Sections include: Republications & Religion ; Democrats & Religion ; Muslim Congressional Candidate ; Hispanic Voters ; IRS & Church Tax Exemptions.

9th Circuit Pledge of Allegiance Opinion (June 26, 2002) [.pdf]

Baylor University - Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies

  • Online Resources Related to Church-State Matters - (dead link)
    Includes: Primary Source Documents ; U.S. Supreme Court Rulings ; Secondary Articles and Essays
  • Links to Organizations and Web-sites Related to Religion and Politics and Contemporary Church-State Issues - (dead link)
  • Notes on Church-State Affairs - (dead link) (by country) [quarterly publication available online]

Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs
Securing Religious Liberty. Includes the section Statements on Demand that "Whenever news breaks about church-state separation and religious liberty you can bet that we will have something to say. Within an an hour of their release, we will have those statements available on-line with the new Statements on Demand Section."

Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Church-State Academic Papers
The Establishment Clause, Religious Liberty (Larry Pahl)

Early Virginia Religious Petitions
"...presents images of 423 petitions submitted to the Virginia legislature between 1774 and 1802 from more than eighty counties and cities. Drawn from the Library of Virginia's Legislative Petitions collection, the petitions concern such topics as the historic debate over the separation of church and state championed by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, the rights of dissenters such as Quakers and Baptists, the sale and division of property in the established church, and the dissolution of unpopular vestries."
- American Memory, Library of Congress

Emory University Law and Religion Program

Interfaith Working Group Online
Religious Diversity and Social Issues
Includes Newsletter, News, Opinion, Links, Opportunities for Action
"Under the auspices of the Pluralism Project at Harvard University, to which Michael McNally is a Research Affiliate, this site explores the intersection between law, religion, and Native American traditions in historic and recent cases -- many of them pending -- where Native American communities have sought protection for 'sacred' lands, practices, objects, and human remains that are arguably, if not solely or plainly, matters of religious freedom."

Religious Affiliation of the U.S. Supreme Court

RJ&L Religious Liberty Archive
" an extensive repository of valuable information and a useful resource for anyone seeking information about state and federal laws pertaining to religious freedom in the United States."
Sections include: Current Developments ; Cases ; Federal Laws & Statutes ; State Statutes ; Treatises ; Historical Materials ; Links.
A Service of the Religious Institutions Group at Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP

Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion

U.S. Department of State

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