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World War II - The Atomic Bomb

India & Pakistan Nuclear Tests
Nuclear Physics
Peace Studies
Cold War History

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Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues
" a web-based collection of annotated references to resources that offer a broad, balanced perspective on current and historical topics relating to nuclear issues...Although nuclear issues are the subject of many excellent websites and a few CD-ROMs, many of those resources provide limited references for people wishing to pursue the subject in greater depth or from different points of view."
Component of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL).

High Energy Weapons Archive
A Guide to Nuclear Weapons
Includes sections on the development of the bomb, postwar development, nuclear weapons tests series conducted since World War II by country, Arsenals of the Declared Nuclear States, Nuclear States in the Shadows, Reference Library, The site also keeps a useful archive including a graphics archive
Maintained by Carrie Sublette

The Nuclear Files
"You can access this site or by focusing on issue areas. Among others, the issue areas cover nuclear weapons accidents, the likelihood of an accidental nuclear war the predicaments of nuclear strategy, nuclear policy making, and nuclear ethics, efforts of arms control and disarmament, the problems of nuclear proliferation as well as ballistic missile defense. Read important documents and treaties. Read the biographies of key scientists, politicians, and peace leaders, share their thoughts, and listen to their voices...The Data & Graphs section provides access to current weapons deployment and stockpiles. Nuclear Sites lets you visit weapons laboratories, testing sites, waste processing and disposal facilities, and nuclear power plants."
Project of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

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Big, Big List of Nuclear Related Links
A lengthy (250+ sites) topical listing of links

Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction
"After a year of study that included the review of thousands of documents and hundreds of interviews with knowledgeable observers from both within and outside the intelligence community, the Commission presented its report to the President on March 31, 2005."

Cooperative Research Program on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament
"This Program carries out research to develop the basis for new policy initiatives and organizes international workshops on these proposals jointly with foreign colleages."
- Federation of American Scientist
Maintained by Mike Panetta

Eureka County Yucca Mountain Information Office
Eureka Country, Nevada - Nuclear Waste Page
"Here you will find current news clippings, documents, photos, maps, and much more information on the history and current developments of the Yucca Mountain Repository Project in Nevada."

Publications, Papers and Assessments selected)

Nuclear Control Institute
"An independent research and advocacy center specializing in problems of nuclear proliferation. Non-partisan and non-profit, we monitor nuclear activities worldwide and pursue strategies to halt the spread and reverse the growth of nuclear arms."

Nuclear Forces Guide
"The most comprehensive online guide to nuclear weapons delivery systems, doctrine, organizations and facilities around the world."
Federation of American Scientist
Maintained by John Pike

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