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National Security Archive
- George Washington University

  • Electronic Surveillance: From the Cold War to Al-Qaeda
    Wiretap Debate Deja Vu: Documents show Ford White House embraced wiretap law instead of claiming "inherent" Presidential authority in 1976 despite objections from Rumsfeld, G.H.W. Bush, Kissinger. Web posting includes Justice report on criminal liability for 1970s warrantless wiretapping, 1990s directives on US surveillance."

Links & General Directories
The Alger Hiss Story
"This Web site recreates one of the most important legal cases in this country's history, often cited as a turning point in 20th century American thinking ... to be an authoritative portal for access to primary information about Alger Hiss, the Hiss case and the early Cold War years - including new scholarship, newly released official documents from various governments and government agencies, and the archival material, such as trial testimony, court and government records and commentary, collected in many libraries and online repositories ... to act as the digitized and online counterpart to the Alger Hiss Papers at the Harvard Law School Library. Acting in tandem with the Harvard collection, this Web site will post a complete summary of the charges against Alger Hiss and a comprehensive look at the case for the defense..."
Jeff Kisseloff, Managing Editor ["who worked with Alger Hiss to help prepare his coram nobis petition..."]

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

CNN - Cold War
Companion page to the CNN documentary, which aired in 24 parts beginning Sept. 27, 1998.

The Cold War and Red Scare in Washington State
"...contains roughly 50 documents - mostly drawn from primary sources - about the Cold War and Red Scare in Washington state. The other sections of this packet seek to place the documents in historical perspective."
A curriculum project for Washington schools by the Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest
Michael Reese, Dept. of History, University of Washington

Cold War Hot Links
Web Sources Relating to the Cold War
"These links are to webpages which other people have created and like most things on the net, they run the entire spectrum of political thought and vary greatly in quality. Nonetheless, they do provide web- surfers with some interesting views and information on the Cold War and the National Security State."
David Price, St. Martin's College

Cold War International History Project
Seeks to disseminate new information and perspectives on Cold War history emerging from previously inaccessible sources on 'the other side' (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars) - Includes virtual documents library, discussion group and back issues of the CWIHP Bulletin. Requires free and easily obtainable password.

"Conflict Seems Vaguely Unamerican": Teaching the Conflicts and the Legacy of Cold War
An essay by Alan Filreis originally published in Review, volume 17 (1995): 155-69.

Fast Attacks & Boomers
Submarines in the Cold War
Accompanying website for the exhibit
- The National Museum of American History

Federation of American Scientists

George Washington University - National Security Archive Home Page

  • Electronic Surveillance: From the Cold War to Al-Qaeda
    Wiretap Debate Deja Vu: Documents show Ford White House embraced wiretap law instead of claiming "inherent" Presidential authority in 1976 despite objections from Rumsfeld, G.H.W. Bush, Kissinger. Web posting includes Justice report on criminal liability for 1970s warrantless wiretapping, 1990s directives on US surveillance."

The Hollywood Ten
- University of California, Berkeley, Media Resource Center

Hollywood Blacklist
Originally published in Buhle, Buhle, and Georgakas, ed., Encyclopedia of the American Left, (Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1992).
By Dan Georgakas

Hollywood Blacklisting
Seeing Red
Newshour Transcript for October 24, 1997
PBS - Online Newshour

How the Cold War Worked
From What Uncle Sam Really Wants, 1993.
By Noam Chomsky

International Relations and Security Network

Learning Curve - The Cold War
"The exhibition uses an extensive range of original source material including documents (shown in original format), photographs, posters and video, to encourage investigation of the Cold War. Constructed around a set of themes, each with case studies, this is a unique opportunity to work with raw primary material on the Cold War. The flexibility of the design allows casual visitors as well as students to enjoy accessing the inner workings of the Cold War."
From the British National Archives.

[McCarthy] - Closed-Door McCarthy Transcripts Released (May 5, 2003)

  • Senate Government Affairs Committee Prints, 107th Congress
    S. Prt. 107-84 -- Executive Sessions of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Government Operations (McCarthy Hearings 1953-54)
  • National Public Radio (NPR) - All Things Considered [audio or text] (May 5, 2003)
    Documents Shed Light on "Executive Sessions"
    "...talks with Donald Ritchie, Asssoicate [sic] Senate Historian, about the release of some 9,000 pages of previously sealed transcripts of McCarthy's closed-door interrogations from 1953 to 1954. It is the largest disclosure of documents related to the McCarthy investigation, and offers a new look at what went on behind closed doors of some 160 executive sessions."
    Includes testimony by Langston Hughes and Aaron Copland.

Nuke Pop
"When the first nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, popular culture was quick to respond."
By Paul Brians, Washington State University

Open Society Archives at Central European University
From their Mission Statement:
"To obtain, preserve and make available research resources for the study of communism and the Cold War, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, and for the study of twentieth and twenty-first century issues of human rights."

Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact (PHP)
"The PHP is jointly conducted by the Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research in Zurich, the National Security Archive in Washington D.C., and the Institute of Military Studies in Vienna. It cooperates with the Cold War International History Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., and a growing number of associated institutions...In response to the progressing declassification of NATO documents and the growing availability of documents from the archives of the former Soviet bloc, the Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact (PHP) seeks to collect, analyze, and interpret these premier sources for the study of contemporary international history"

PBS - NOVA - Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies (January 2002)
Companion web site to the TV broadcast.
"The program chronicles the lives and covert activities of the so-called "atom spies" in the 1940's, including the big one that got away, Theodore Alvin Hall.
Sections include: Family of Spies ; Read Venona Intercepts ; Hot Science: Decipher a Coded Message ; 20th-Century Deceptions ; Teacher's Guide ; Resources.

Trapped in the Cold War
The Ordeal of an American Family
Webpage for the recently published book from Stanford University Press. Includes online Chronology & Historical Context; Bibliography; Related Links; and Discussion.

U.S. Dept. of Energy Hanford Site

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