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See also Cloning ; Genome Projects

Bibliography of Genetic Variation in Natural Populations
"This bibliography of over 40,000 references has been accumulated over the last 25 years. The primary focus is the study of genetic variation in natural populations of animals, plants, and microbes. The secondary focus has been conservation, with an emphasis on the application of genetic principles to conservation. Nevertheless, this is a somewhat eclectic collection of titles that reflects my sometimes wandering interests and teaching responsibilities over the years (evolution, human genetics, etc.)...There is a taxonomic bias in this bibliography towards fish, especially salmon, trout, and their kin. There has been no effort to exclude papers dealing with the genetics and conservation of other taxa, but there has been an effort to include more papers on the general biology and natural history of salmonid fishes."
By Fred Allendorf, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Montana

Blazing a Genetic Trail (English or Spanish)
"Families & Scientists Join in Seeking the Flawed Genes that Cause Disease"
Contents include: Stalking a Lethal Gene ; In Search of Large Families ; Reading the Human Blueprint ; Why So Many Errors in Our DNA? ; How Genetic Disorders Are Inherited ; How to Conquer a Genetic Disease ; Of Mice and Men ; Progress Continues.
- A Report from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The Comprehensive Microbial Resource Home Page
"These pages have been designed to allow the user to access data from all of the genome sequences completed to date. Accessible here is the Omniome database which contains the sequence and annotation of each of the completed genomes as well as associated information about the organisms (such as taxon and gram stain pattern), the structure and composition of their DNA molecules (such as plasmid vs. chromosome and GC content), and many attributes of the protein sequences predicted from the DNA sequence (such as pI and molecular weight)."
- The Institute for Genomic Research

DNA from the Beginning
An Animated Primer on the Basics of DNA, Genes, and Heredity
DNA from the Beginning is organized around key concepts. The science behind each concept is explained by: animation, image gallery, video interviews, problem, biographies, and links.
- Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

e-biomed: the journal of regenerative medicine
fee-based except for a few online articles.

ESP: Electronic Scholarly Publishing - Genetics
See especially their collection of historic texts under Classical Genetics: Foundations.

PBS - NOVA - Cracking the Code of Life
"This two-hour special, hosted by ABC "Nightline" correspondent Robert Krulwich, chronicles the race to capture one of the biggest prizes in scientific history: the complete letter-by-letter sequence of genetic information that defines human life -- the human genome."
Sections include: Watch the Entire Program ; Our Genetic Future (A Survey) ; Manipulating Genes: How Much is Too Much ; Understanding Heredity ; Explore a Stretch of Code (Hot Science) ; Nature vs Nurture Revisited ; Sequence for Yourself ; Journey into DNA (Hot Science ; Meet the Decoders ; Classroom ; Resources ; Teacher's Guide.

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