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AgBiotechNet - Animal Cloning
"A selection of our news stories on animal cloning, just part of our animal biotechnology coverage..."
Some resources are available by subscription only.

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) - Cloning and Genetics
The American Journal of Bioethics Online
Sections include: Ethical Issues ; NBAC on Cloning ; U.S. Laws ; Cloning Debate ; Cloning News ; State Law ; Cloning Basics ; Cloning & Humans ; Cloning & Animals ; Cloning & Stem Cells.

Google Directory > Bioethics > Cloning - (dead link)

Google Directory > Biotechnology > Cloning - (dead link)

Human Cloning Foundation
"The Official Site In Support Of Human Cloning"

Human Genome Project Information
"The HGP's ultimate goal is to discover all the more than 80,000 human genes and render them accessible for further biological study."
Provides a great overview of the project. Major sections include: Research ; Education ; Medicine ; Ethical, Legal, Social Issues.

  • Cloning Fact Sheet
    Sections include: Introduction ; What is Cloning? ; Why Clone? ; More Information.

National Academic Press (free online versions)

National Academies

National Public Radio (NPR) - Special Report: Cloning
Sections include: Reports ; Cloning FAQ ; Key Players ; Definitions ; Resources on the Web ; Archive Coverage ; Online Discussion.

President's Council on Bioethics

To Prohibit the Cloning of Humans, and for Other Purposes (H.R.1260)
Bill introduced 03/28/2001 sponsored by Rep. Kerns.
Bill Summary & Status for the 107th [US] Congress

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