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The Online Books Page
"The On-Line Books Page is a directory of books that can be freely read right on the Internet. It includes: An index of thousands of on-line books on the Internet, Pointers to significant directories and archives of on-line texts, Special exhibits, and more!"
Edited by John Mark Ockerbloom

British Poetry 1780-1910
A Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions
Electronic Text Center, Alderman Library, University of Virginia

Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe
"This site provides an edition of Marlowe's works that begins to transcend the limits of print publication and exploit the flexibility of an electronic medium. We are committed to reaching as broad an audience as possible and so offer this site at no cost to users. Included here are all of Marlowe's plays, his two known poetic works, Hero and Leander and The Passionate Shepheard to His Love, his translations of Ovid and Lucan, and the short miscellaneous works attributed to Marlowe, a dedicatory epistle to Mary, the Countess of Pembroke and the epitaph on Sir Roger Manwood. You may access these texts through the site's index of Marlowe's works. - (dead link) Our edition of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus provides a particularly interesting case study of some of the editorial possibilities opened up in the shift from print to the electronic medium."

e-Keltoi: Journal of Interdisciplinary Celtic Studies
"...The journal is an integral part of the Center's mission to promote and disseminate research and communication related to Celtic cultures, past and present, in the academic arena as well as for the general public... The journal will provide free access to cutting-edge, peer-reviewed articles solicited to address specific themes from a range of cross-disciplinary and international perspectives."

Eighteenth Century Resources -- Literature
Includes an extensive collection of E-texts and other Web resources
Edited by Jack Lynch, Rutgers University

EIRData - A-Z Datasets
Prince Grace Irish Library (Monaco) Electronic Irish Records Dataset
"The A-Z Dataset provides comprehensive biographical & bibliographical information on 4,500 Irish writers, along with extracts from their works and commentaries upon them. Journals holds similar material on Irish serial publications of all periods."

Electronic Literature Directory
"It provides an extensive database of listings for electronic works, their authors, and their publishers. The descriptive entries cover poetry, fiction, drama, and nonfiction that makes significant use of electronic techniques or enhancements...The Directory provides easy access to one of the most exciting and fastest-growing bodies of cutting-edge literature. Among the new forms of writing represented here are hypertexts and other interactive pieces, kinetic or animated poems, multimedia works, generated texts, and works that allow reader collaboration."

Emory Women Writers Resources
"...is a collection of edited and unedited texts by women writing in English from the seventeenth century through the nineteenth century. The Project is a pedagogical tool, designed to offer graduate and undergraduate students in various disciplines the opportunity to edit their own texts."
Prof. Sheila Cavanagh, Director

Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama
In addition to online texts also includes History, Language, and Periodicals.
By Anniina Jokinen

Sections include: Medieval ; Renaissance ; 17th Century.
"This site combines three sites first created in 1996 to provide a starting point for students and enthusiasts of English Literature. Nothing replaces a quality library, but hopefully this site will help fill the needs of those who have not access to one.
By Anniina Jokinen

Medieval Forum (MF)
"...a new electronic journal for the promotion of scholarship in Medieval English Literature...MF is dedicated to providing a venue for the free exchange of ideas, a return to the original vision of a public forum informed by a collegial and cooperative spirit. Electronic format has been chosen to afford a wide circulation of articles by a broad range of contributors, particularly independent scholars, who wish to share their perspectives in a communal atmosphere.

The Modern English Collection
"This heterogenous collection contains fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, letters, newspapers, manuscripts and illustrations from 1500 to the present, arranged for browsing by author's last name or by category of interest. Each text is encoded in SGML and includes a bibliographic header with details about the creation of the electronic text and its print source.
The Electronic Text Center at The University of Virginia

The Online Books Page
"The On-Line Books Page is a directory of books that can be freely read right on the Internet. It includes: An index of thousands of on-line books on the Internet, Pointers to significant directories and archives of on-line texts, Special exhibits, and more!"
Edited by John Mark Ockerbloom

Palimpsest OnLine
Penn State's University's Electronic Classics Series Site
" From here you can access free files in Adobe Portable Document Format. These files include original work published in hard copy by the Pennsylvania State University and classical works of literature in English."

Romantic Circle Praxis Series
ISSN: 1528-8129
"...is devoted to using computer technologies to investigate critically the languages, cultures, histories, and theories of Romanticism."
Formerly known as Romantic Praxis: Theory and Criticism.
Edited by Orrin N. C. Wang

Renascence Editions
Works Printed in English, 1477-1799
"Renascence Editions is an effort to make available online works printed in English between the years 1477 (when Caxton began printing) and 1799. These texts have been produced with care and attention, but are not represented by the publisher as scholarly editions in the peer-reviewed sense...The dual mission of the Renascence Editions is to provide readable Web editions of early modern English works to the general public and to provide a site for publication of such works"
University of Oregon

Victorian Women Writers Project
"The works, selected with the assistance of the Advisory Board, will include anthologies, novels, political pamphlets, religious tracts, children's books, and volumes of poetry and verse drama. Considerable attention will be given to the accuracy and completeness of the texts, and to accurate bibliographical descriptions of them."
Perry Willett, General Editor, Indiana University

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