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General Links and Resources
Bulgarian Poetry Archive

Canadian Poetry
Sections include: Canadian Poets ; Poetry Journals and Magazines ; Canadian Poetry Presses ; Other Canadian Poetry Sites ; Feature Poem ; International Sites ; Literary Events ; Literary Awards and Grants ; Literary Contests ; Poetry Contests ; Representative Poetry ; Books, Bibliographies, Databases.
From the University of Toronto English Library

Electronic Poetry Center (epic)
Sections include: New ; Authors ; E-poetry ; Links ; Mags ; Books ; UB Poetics.
University of Buffalo

Forgotten Ground Regained
Poetry from Beowulf to the Present
"A treasury of alliterative and accentual poetry, including translations from classics like Beowulf or Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, extensive links to resources on the web, essays, and original alliterative poems in modern English."
By Paul Deane

Greek Poetry Resources
Includes both ancient and modern Greek poetry.

A Haiku Homepage - (dead link)
"Haiku is a form of poetry popular in Japan, which is becoming more widely appreciated around the world in this century. Haiku writers are challenged to convey a vivid impression in only 17 Japanese characters."
By Philip Adams

Japanese Poetry Resources
Sections include: Traditional Japanese Poetry ; Haiku ; Miscellaneous.

Light & Dust Anthology of Poetry
"An ongoing, pluralistic anthology of contemporary poetry, which includes complete out of print books, sub-sites for authors, genres, issues, and interchanges with poets in other countries."
By Karl Young

Links to Modern and Contemporary Poetry Resources
Sections include: Contemporary Poetry Sites ; Electronic Journals ; Modern American Poets ; Poets' Readings ; Visual Poetry
By Akitoshi Nagahata

Literary Kicks
A wonderful site on the Beat Poets

Lost Poets of the Great War
Sections include: The Poets ; Chronology of the War ; The Human Cost ; Bibliography.
Harry Rusche, English Dept., Emory University

Modern Poets Forum Web Site - (dead link)
Site for Modern_Poets-L discussion list

Nubian Poets
"...a tribute to legendary poets of African descent, such as Langston Hughes, Sonia Sanchez, Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka, Countee Cullen, and other noteworthy poets displayed on our opening page. In addition to the aforementioned, the goal is to also highlight the talents of up and coming poets. With the offering of our Poetry Contests, Discussion Board, and Featured Poets, it is our intention to form a bonding on-line interactive poet community."

Online Poetry Classroom
"...combines poetry, pedagogy, and technology with the belief that poetry is an essential part of America's heritage and a vital tool in helping students comprehend and articulate human experience...Designed to enhance poetry education on a national level, OPC employs technology to encourage the development of new poetry curricula and teaching strategies by high school English and Language Arts teachers."
- A Program of The Academy of American Poets

Poesia Mexicana
A gateway to Mexican poetry

Poets Against the War
"...more than 12,000 poets worldwide have submitted poems or personal statements to register their opposition to this war. In doing so, they honor a long and rich tradition of thoughtful and moral opposition by poets and other artists to senseless and murderous policies, including those of our own government. At no time in history have so many poets spoken in such a large chorus."

Poet's Corner
Sections include: Poets ; Quiz ; Timeline ; Feature Titles ; Activities ; Links.
From the Gale Group

The Poetry Wall- Introduction to Modern Poetry - (dead link)
University of Minnesota

Post-9/11 Poetry Resources
- The Academy of American Poets

Scottish Poetry Library (English, Scots, or Gaelic)
"The emphasis is on contemporary poetry written in Scotland, in Scots, Gaelic and English, but historic Scottish poetry - and contemporary works from almost every part of the world - feature too."

A Time-Line of English Poetry 658-2000
Representative Poetry On-line
Poetry edited by members of the Department of English, University of Toronto from 1912 to the present.
Electronic Index by Ian Lancashire

vers libre [free verse]
An Online Library of Classic Poetry
"There are currently 3000 poems by 241 authors in the database."

World Poetry Day - March 21 - (dead link)
UNESCO Literature and Poetry

Academy of American Poets

The Basil Bunting Poetry Centre

Modern Language Association of America (MLA)

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