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Norman B. Tindale's Catalogue of Australian Aboriginal Tribes
"This is the full catalogue of Aboriginal language groups, described by Tindale as 'tribes', as published by him in his 1974 book Aboriginal Tribes of Australia. Their Terrain, Environmental Controls, Distribution, Limits, and Proper Names."

OneWorld Magazine- Australian Aboriginal Art


Staff Presentations and Papers on Indigenous Culture
- National Library of Australia

Strategies for Building an Indigenous Australian Cybercommunity- The KooriNet Project - (dead link)
Paper presented at the 1997 Fulbright Symposium: Indigenous Cultures in an Interconnected World, July 24-27, Darwin.
John Hobson, Koori Centre, University of Sydney

University of Newcastle, Callaghan

  • Awaba
    " electronic database and guide to the history, culture and language of the Indigenous peoples of the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region of NSW...From this site you can access over 100 documents and materials about the Awabakal people and language. It also provides a thematic guide to these materials, with contributions prepared by various locally-based scholars, writers and community leaders."
    Sections include: Bibliography ; Culture ; History ; Images ; Language ; People ; Plances.
"They are particularly significant for the account they provide of Wiradjuri society before the destruction of full ceremonial life. This alone would be justification for their publication in full, in both electronic and, it is anticipated, printed formats. Collectively, the Wellington Valley papers provide a wealth of information about the missionaries and their troubled encounter with a people staggering under the impact of European occupation."
Edited by Hilary M Carey and David A. Roberts

Where Are All the Aboriginal Home Pages: The Current Indigenous Australian Presence on the WWW - (dead link)
Paper presented at the Fifth International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference, 1-4 October 1997, Alice Springs.
John Hobson, Koori Centre, University of Sydney

'White Australia has a Black History'
Sources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in the National Library of Australia
By John Thompson

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