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African Ape Study Sites
"This is an archive of information on field sites where gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos have been studied. It is intended for use by researchers interested in comparative socioecology, and contains data, maps, photographs, site bibliographies and the like."
By Jim Moore, Anthropology Dept., University of California, San Diego.

BBC - Nature - The Life of Mammals
Web site companion to the TV series.
"David Attenborough's latest series presents the biggest ever wildlife series devoted to mammals. It features many of the planet's most fascinating species, including ourselves."
Episodes include: A Winning Design ; Insect Hunters ; Plant Predators ; Chisellers ; Meat Eaters ; Opportunists ; Return to the Water ; Life in the Trees ; Social Climbers ; Food for Thought.

Chimpanzee Cultures - (dead link)
"This website gives access to an online database that describes the cultural variations in chimpanzee behaviour, and shows behaviour distributions across the long-term study sites in Africa."
Sections include: Chimpanzee Cultures ; Cultural Variations ; Species ; Articles ; The Databases ; Locations ; Conservation ; People.

"...a collective effort between the Jane Goodall Institute, zoological facilities and universities. Our mission is to apply uniform research methods to learn more about chimpanzees and their psychological and behavioral responses to a captive environment."
By Virginia Landau, Ph.D.

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
"Dedicated to the conservation of gorillas and their habitats in Africa through anti-poaching, regular monitoring, research, education and support of local communities..."

Discover Chimpanzees! (K12)
"Get ready to discover the wild world of chimpanzees at the Gombe National Park in Tanzania!"

Duke University Primate Center
"Research at the Primate Center focuses on several major areas: the systematics, behavior, physiology, biomechanics and anatomy of living lemurs; husbandry practices necessary for keeping and breeding prosimians; field research involving the distribution, behavior, ecology, and conservation needs of lemurs in Madagascar; field research on habitat conservation, reintroduction of lemurs into the wild, and effectiveness of conservation education programs; and evolution of primates through the discovery, description, and analysis of living and fossil primates."

Gorilla Foundation - Koko the Gorilla
Koko has been learning sign language for the last 25 years and now has a vocabulary of more than 1,000 words.
"The Gorilla Language Project, or Project Koko, is the longest continuous inter-species communications project of its kind in the world, and it serves as a unique and irreplaceable resource for the international conservation community."

  • KokoTV
    "...features web media clips of interspecies communication with Koko (the signing gorilla) and friends."

The Jane Goodall Institute

  • Chimpanzees - (dead link)
    Sections include: Physical Characteristics ; Habitat ; Communication ; Hunting ; Communication ; Hunting ; Social Structure ; JGI Chimp Work ; Chimpanzee Central.

Living Links
- Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center at Emory University

National Academies Press (etexts)

PBS NOVA - The Last Great Ape
Companion website to the February 2007 broadcast.
"An expedition into the Congo examines one of our closest living relatives, the peace-loving bonobo."
Sections include: The Bonobo in All of Us ; Kanzi the Bonobo ; Read My Lips ; Our Family Tree ; Links & Books.

Primate Info Net (PIN)
" a WWW site for people with an interest in the field of primatology. PIN is maintained by the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center (WRPRC) Library - (dead link) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison"

A Bibliographic Database for Primatology
"...provides bibliographic access to the scientific literature on nonhuman primates for the research and educational communities. Coverage of the database spans 1940 to present and includes all publication categories (articles, books, abstracts, technical reports, dissertations, book chapters, etc.) and many subject areas (behavior, colony management, ecology, reproduction, field studies, disease models, veterinary science, psychology, physiology, pharmacology, evolution, taxonomy, developmental and molecular biology, genetics and zoogeography)."
By the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center and the Primate Information Center - (dead link) at the Washington Regional Primate Research Center, University of Washington - (dead link).

Wakuluzu: Friends of the Colobus Trust
" a conservation organisation designed to promote the conservation, preservation and protection of primates like the rare Angolan Colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in Southern Kenya."

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