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[Bears] Polar Bear Tracker
Sections include: Where are They? ; About Polar Bears ; Polar Bears at Risk.

The Ornithological Information Source

Blue Crab Archives
Sections include: Identification ; Anatomy ; Life Cycle ; Crab News ; Discussion Forum ; Glossary ; Links ; Mating ; Molting ; Crab Industry ; Regional Information ; Crab Fossil ; Resources ; Crab Diseases.
By Steve Zinski

Insects on the Web: Shameless Promotion of Insect Appreciation
"This site aims to help you really see insects for the miniature marvels they represent and to understand how intertwined our cultures have become with these alien creatures."
By Dexter Sear

Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG)
"Bringing alligators, caimans, crocodiles, and gharials back from the edge of extinction and returning them to former abundance is one of the true success stories in international wildlife conservation, a success story that owes much of its credit to the Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG), an international network of people working to conserve the world's 23 species of crocodilians."

[Elephants] African Elephant Specialist Group (AfESG)
Sections include: African Elephant Database ; Pachyderm ; Human-Elephant Conflict ; African Elephant Bibliography ; Tools for Elephant Management & Research.
- The World Conservation Union (IUCN)

Embryology Tutorial
"This tutorial is part of an ongoing project designed to implement multimedia and computer-based learning materials in the university undergraduate meant to supplement the presentation of standard videotape, laser video, digitized video and animation sequences in the traditional lecture period."
By Jeff Hardin, Dept. of Zoology, University of Wisconsin

Freshwater Jellyfish!
Sections include: Natural History ; Where Do They Live ; Pictures ; References ; FAQ.
By Dr. Terry Peard, Dept. of Biology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Michael Thom and Gary Buffone.

[Insects] Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery
Sections include: Beetles ; Lice ; Butterflies, Moths, and Caterpillars ; Plant Diseases and Damage ; Cicadas and Leafhoppers ; Plants ; Flies and Mosquitoes ; Ticks ; Grasshoppers and Crickets ; True Bugs.

International Wolf Center

Nature - Alien Empire
"This special multimedia Web companion to the three-week [PBS] NATURE miniseries takes you into the bizarre, fascinating world of insects, with amazing graphics, sound and animation, enhanced video, and activities for kids. Read the articles to learn more about how insects reproduce, live together in society, migrate, and battle for survival. Check out our animated musical multimedia presentations on monarch butterflies, mayflies, and bee anatomy and behavior. View video clips from the programs, including an enhanced streaming video clip for higher-speed visitors. Solve our Insect Scramble puzzles -- we've created one for each section. Check out our list of insect resources in print and on the Web. And in a fun activity for kids, print out our cricket and butterfly mask patterns, then follow the directions to make masks you can really wear!"
- PBS Online

Phylum Ctenophora: List of All Valid Species Names
"Because the scientific literature on the Ctenophora is widely dispersed and much of it is difficult to locate, I have compiled a list of all classes, orders, families, genera and species of ctenophores that seem to be in use at the present time. This list is the result of a rather extensive search of the literature, combined with a little independent thinking."
Maintained by Claudie E. Mills, Friday Harbor Laboratories and the Dept. of Zoology, University of Washington

Primates - See our separate Primate Studies page.

The Thylacine Museum
A Natural History of the Thylacinidae
Sections include: Introducing the Thylacine ; The Natural History of Thylacinus Cynocephalus ; An Examination of the Thylacine Skull ; The Thylacine Films ; Some Thylacine Relics ; Various Other Thylacine Topics.
By C. Campbell

[Whales] WhaleNet
"...offers students and teachers curriculum resources and support, a source of data for interdisciplinary classroom activities, and interactive informational support through WhaleNet utilizing telecommunications...WhaleNet provides a system where students, teachers, and researchers collect and then compile their data on the WhaleNet server. The data is then shared, via WhaleNet, with schools for interdisciplinary curricular activities and student research in their respective classrooms world-wide."
By J. Michael Williamson, Wheelock College in Boston and others.

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