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The Ada Project (TAP)
Tapping Internet Resources for Women in Computer Science
"Designed to serve as a clearinghouse for information and resources relating to women in computing...TAP includes information on conferences, projects, discussion groups and organizations, fellowships and grants, notable women in Computer Science, and other electronically accessible information sites. TAP also maintains a substantive bibliography of references."

Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics
"A historical archive with information about 20th century women who have made original and important contributions to physics. Organized under the names of the women, you will find brief documented descriptions of their major contributions to physics, biographical data, and a potpourri of some interesting information regarding their lives, achievements, and conditions of work."

Engineer Girl
"...is part of the NAE's Celebration of Women in Engineering project. This project tries to bring national attention to the opportunity that engineering represents to all people at any age, but particularly to women and girls. The Celebration is the first of several projects focusing on gender and diversity in the engineering workforce."
National Academy of Engineering

Girls Go Tech
"Girl Scouts is challenging all corporations and nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government entities and policymakers, parents and families, and the media to take action to ensure that girls have full access to every opportunity for education and careers in math, science and technology."
Sections include: Resources by Age Group ; Activities ; Careers ; Links
- A Girl Scout Initiative

Iowa State University Archives of Women in Science and Engineering
They are "interested in the personal papers of individual women as well as the records of women's organizations in engineering and the sciences. It seeks not only the papers of the most notable women whose names are already in the history books, but also those of women who have labored in the background, sometimes with little or no recognition."

Oceanography Careers - Women in Marine Sciences
"In this site we feature the careers of remarkable women in oceanography. Each woman has followed a different path to her career and has gathered unique insights about her profession. Learn how these women are contributing to our understanding and appreciation of the ocean and how they go about their daily work."

Women in Biology Internet Launch Page
"This page is a starting point for finding information about biologists who happen to be women; essentially, it is a list of bookmarks to the ample original content already available on the web. Many of the links are aimed towards women who are graduate students, postdocs, or more senior scientists, but there are also sites relevant to undergraduates or even high school students who may be contemplating a career in biology."
By S.L. Forsburg

Women in Physics
"Data on the current and historic trends in the representation of women in physics, including comparative data on women in related fields."
Report from the American Institute of Physics

Women in Math Project
"This Web site contains a collection of bibliographies of publications (topics include gender & mathematics and feminist theories of science .... 20 categories altogether), a search engine for the bibliographies, information and links to informational sites on various journals, newsletters, and catalogs on or of interest to women in mathematics."

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