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Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement
An On-line Archival Collection
Special Collections Library, Duke University
"...document various aspects of the Women's Liberation Movement in the United States, and focus specifically on the radical origins of this movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Items range from radical theoretical writings to humourous plays to the minutes of an actual grassroots group."
Compiled by Ginny Daley, Women's Studies Archivist and Bibliographer

Florida Memory Project

Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement, 1848-1998
Includes anniversary information, a history of the movement, timeline, discussion group, planned celebrations, and more
- Sponsored by the National Women's History Project

PBS - American Experience - The Pill
"The film The Pill and this companion Web site offer insights into topics in American history including advances in science and medicine, contraception, eugenics, social engineering, population trends, government involvement in legislating social behavior, conflicts between religious values and societal trends, feminist activism of the 1960s, twentieth century women's movements, women's changing roles in society, women and work, the evolving relationship of the medical profession to the lay public and the growth of the pharmaceutical industry."
Sections include: Film Description ; Transcript ; Primary Sources ; Further Reading ; Special Features ; Timeline ; Gallery ; People & Events ; Teacher's Guide.

PBS - American Experience - The Time of the Lincolns (January 2004)
"A companion to the film Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided, produced and directed by David Grubin...offer insights into topics in American history including women's rights, slavery, abolition, politics and partisanship, the growth of the industrial economy, and the Civil War."
Sections include: Partisan Politics ; Slavery & Freedom ; A Rising Nation ; Americans at War ; A Woman's World ; Teacher's Guide ; Maps ; Foot Soldiers ; Virtual Tour [slave cabin and examine the conditions of slavery].

Upstate New York and the Women's Rights Movement
"...text and selected images from a 1995 exhibition in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, University of Rochester Library. The exhibition commemorated the seventy-fifth anniversary of the passage of the nineteenth amendment, which gave women the vote in 1920."

Women's Rights: 1848 to the Present - (dead link)
"This website originated in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Seneca Falls conference in 1847, that set the stage to gain women in the United States the right to vote, and thus acquire other freedoms. It is a composite of articles, speeches, biographies and links relating to women's rights, with the primary focus on the United States."
U.S. Dept. of State publication

Worchester Women's History Project
"...raise awareness of the history of women in the Worcester area and to create national recognition of the role the Worcester area has played in the history of the women's rights movement."
Includes online material related to the 1850 & 1851 Conventions

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