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American Studies Links Recommended by Richard P. Horwitz
A well designed collection of worthwhile websites. Sections include: American Studies ; History ; Literature ; Popular Culture ; Electronic Texts ; Tools ; Jobs ; Demographics ; Material Culture ; Folklore ; Geography ; Politics ; Visual Arts ; Religion.
By Prof. Horwitz, University of Iowa

American Studies on the Internet
Columbia University Libraries Subject Directory
By Michael Stoller, History Bibliographer
Your First Stop for Election Reform Information
"The Project is not dedicated to advocacy, nor are we committed to any specific solution to the problem of election reform. Rather, the goal will be to offer everyone with an interest in the issues -- advocates, policymakers, officials, journalists, scholars, and concerned citizens -- a forum for learning about, discussing, and evaluating the whole array of information and ideas related to the issue of election reform."
By Election Reform Information Project, University of Richmond

Face to Face
Stories from the Aftermath of Infamy
"...explores what it means to be an American with the face of the enemy [Japanese American in 1941 and Arab American in 2001]. These are real stories of fear, anger, hatred, loyalty and trust."
Sections include: Stories [12.7.41 & 9.11.01 ; Aftermath ; Fear ; FBI Investigation ; Internment ; Anger ; Loss ; Identity ; Being American ; Never Again] ; Responses ; Glossary ; Activities.
- Independent Television Service (ITVS)

The NPR 100
"This year NPR [National Public Radio] will explore the stories behind the 100 most important American musical works of the 20th century. These special on-air segments will cover a wide variety of genres, including classical, jazz, rock'n'roll, country, R&B, musical theatre and film scores."
- npr Online

Pew Internet & American Life Project
"The Project creates original research that explores the impact of the Internet on children, families, communities, health care, schools, the work place, and civic/political life. The Pew Internet & American Life Project aims to be an authoritative source for timely information on the Internetís growth and societal impact, through research that is scrupulously impartial."

The Silicon Valley Cultures Project
" a fifteen year ethnographic study of the cultures living and working in the hi-tech communities of Silicon Valley. Beginning in 1991, Drs. Charles Darrah and J. A. English-Lueck, professors at San Jose State University, California, developed a collaborative research project that is attempting to understand Silicon Valley as a culture area. This region is a laboratory for research into high technology communities due to its robust and varied industrial base, the use of information technologies, organizational innovations, and its broad cultural diversity."

Study of the U.S. Branch
"...seeks to promote a better understanding of the people, institutions, and culture of the United States among foreign students, teachers and scholars whose professional focus is American society and culture, past and present....This website is aimed at students, scholars and teachers outside of the U.S. who wish to explore not only the programs of the Branch, but also the manifold ways in which American Studies is pursued within the United States. Accordingly, we have attempted to provide links to professional and scholarly organizations, to curricula, to fellowship opportunities, to publications and discussion lists, and to other sources of information which scholars and teachers will find of academic and professional interest.
U.S. Department of State

Thomas - U.S. Congress on the Internet
The official source for current legislative information on the Internet
The Library of Congress

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