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The September Project
" a collection of people, groups, and organizations working to create a day of engagement, a day of conversation, a day of democracy" at your local library.

National Association of School Psychologists - Remembering September 11 - (dead link)
Sections include: One Year Later Materials (NASP) ; One Year Later Links/Resources ; 9/11 Materials ; General Resources (NASP) ; General Crisis Links.

Afghanistan for kids
Sections include: Colorful Kabul ; Counting Fun ; An Afghan ; Speakeasy ; Mullah Nasrudin ; Stories ; Afghan Food ; Afghan Clothing ; Photo Album ; For Older Readers.
By Profs Alleen and Don Nilsen, Arizona State University

Arab American Institute (AAI)

  • Educational Materials on Arab Americans - (dead link)
    "The Arab American Institute Foundation has put together a resource packet on Arab Americans, the Middle East, and Islam."
    Includes articles on Arab American experiences after September 11th.

Children's Reactions to the World Trade Center Disaster September 11, 2001
Tree of Hope: Children's Response to the WTC Disaster
"Many children welcomed an opportunity to express their own feelings of love, fear, anger, hope, and determination-- through drawings and written reflections on table cloths and posters, or by creating a box of hope, a paper sculpture, or a message on a leaf, placed on a 'Tree of Hope'."
By Dr. Michael Fenichel

Contemporary Pediatrics - (dead link)
" a 'how to' magazine for pediatric clinicians. It offers readers continuing education on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of illness and behavior problems in infants, children, and adolescents through clinical review articles that address practical clinical concerns...Its web site contains articles from current and back issues, previews of future issues, news updates, polls and forums, and more."

ERIC Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education

  • Anthrax Directory - Learning About Anthrax - (dead link) [K12]
    "This directory is intended as a resource for teachers, students, and parents seeking information about the bacterium that causes anthrax."

H-Net Teaching
"This site is intended to serve as a gateway to H-Net's extensive collection of teaching resources including teaching focused discussion networks, syllabi, links, conference papers on multimedia teaching, and web-based teaching projects."

  • H-Net and September 11
    "H-Net's many online communities offered diverse and informed perspectives on the meaning of the events of September 11, 2001."
    • Addressing Tragedy in the Classroom
      Edited by Steven Mintz, University of Houston
      "H-Net's Vice President for Teaching, Prof. Steven Mintz of the University of Houston, has been overseeing the development of essays, annotated links, and online materials related to teaching, research, and education in the history of terrorism."

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - September 11
Helping Children Deal With Scary News
"During these troubling times, we'd like to offer some additional thoughts that may be of help to you and the children in your care."

PBS: America Responds
Coverage of Events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001

PBS - American Experience - The Center of the World: New York: A Documentary Film (September 8, 2003)
Website to accompany the TV broadcast.
"The eighth episode of filmmaker Ric Burns' award-winning series New York: A Documentary Film examines the rise and fall of the World Trade Center -- from its conception in the post-World War II economic boom, through its controversial construction in the 1960s and 1970s, to its tragic demise in the fall of 2001 and extraordinary response of the city in its aftermath."
Sections include: Transcript ; Primary Sources ; Further Readings ; Timeline ; Maps ; People & Events ; Teacher's Guide.

Rethinking Schools Online
"Founded in 1986 by activist teachers, Rethinking Schools is a nonprofit, independent publisher of educational materials. We advocate the reform of elementary and secondary education, with a strong emphasis on issues of equity and social justice."

  • War, Terrorism and Our Classrooms
    "This page provides links to every article in our special report, many of which are available as letter-size PDFs suitable for reproduction as classroom handouts."

September 11th Remembered in Cartoons - (dead link)
Includes Teacher's Guide.
- Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index

Social Science Research Council (SSRC)

  • After September 11: Perspective from the Social Sciences
    "This website features an extraordinary and still-expanding collection of essays by leading social scientists from around the country and the world. These are efforts by social scientists to bring theoretical and empirical knowledge to bear on the events of Sept. 11, their precursors, and what comes after."
    Sections include: Globalization ; Fundamentalism (s) ; Terrorism & Democratic Virtues ; Competing Narratives ; New War ; New World Order ; The View from Latin America ; Building Peace ; Recovery.

Teaching 9-11
"The site provides hundreds of useful links for teachers. The listing of resources, sample lesson plans, syllabi and modules should be especially helpful. Ideally, the site will grow exponentially as a result of feedback from visitors to our site. In the end, as always, it will be up to each teacher to work with this raw material in ways that serve his or her students.
- Dickinson College - Clark Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Contemporary Issues

We Survived September 11th
"When two jet airplanes flew into New York's World Trade Center, these fourth-graders were just four blocks away."
"See the story of September 11th through the eyes of New York's P.S. 234 students as they recount their experiences on that fateful day. Kids' interviews and photos tell the story of what they saw and felt the day the World Trade Center's twin towers came down around their school and what it meant to them to return four months later."
- National Geographic Kids Magazine

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