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One of the most rewarding and in-demand areas of the education profession is the special education field. Special education teachers are trained to provide learning assistance to those children who suffer from learning difficulties, disabilities and mental retardation. An online degree program in special education can provide the specialized training and experience you need to work in this enlightening field.

Special Education Degree FAQs

If you already work in the education field and you want to expand your horizons or you want to help some very special students get the learning instruction they need and deserve, then enrolling in special education courses online can help you reach your goal.

What is Special Education?

Special education is a specialized course of instruction for teaching students with disabilities. The disability can be mental, emotional, physical or the student may exhibit language or speech impairments. Most schools have a team of special education professionals to help their students who are enrolled in the special education program. These instructors are trained to provide learning assistance in addition to other services such as physical therapy, counseling, self-help assistance, language therapy and other beneficial services that the students may require.

Do I Need a Degree to Work in Special Education?

Most schools require their special education instructors to have at a minimum a teacher's certificate, a Bachelor's degree and an endorsement to teach special education. Teachers can earn their special education endorsement by partaking in an internship in a special education classroom.

What Topics are Discussed in Online Special Education Degree Programs?

The curriculum of a given course is individually crafted by the learning institution offering the program. In most cases, special education programs will touch on a few common topics which may include:

  • Specialized curriculum development to meet the individual student's needs
  • How to handle students with different or varying disabilities
  • Behavioral management
  • Counseling

While most courses will prepare you to deal with many different types of disabilities, some programs will allow you to focus on one specific area, such as children with emotional problems or learning disabilities.

Can I Get a Quality Education from Distance Learning Courses?

Most distance learning courses are the exact same, curriculum-wise, as those programs found on the campuses of the accredited colleges and universities that are offering them. And in some cases, even the instructors are the same. This means that you will be learning the exact same curriculum as your campus counterparts.

Online special education degree programs are designed to offer the working professional the opportunity to continue or further their education without having to give up their current profession. This flexibility and freedom allows you to continue making your essential income while you prepare for your future. Whether you want to change career entirely or you just want to increase your chance of advancing in your current one, distance learning courses can help you get there -- according to your schedule.

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