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Beyond Mutual Assured Destruction: Reducing Russian-American Nuclear Tensions (May 20, 2004)
"A new study, presented by Dr. Sergey Rogov, Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada."

Experts Address Russian Democracy (May 12, 2004)
"Discussion of the nature of Russian democracy, the fluctuation between dictatorship and democracy, and the role of President Valdimir Putin."

Russia after the Presidential Election (March 2004)
"Boris Fedorov, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Russia, presents his views on the political and economic situation in Russia after the Presidential Election"

Russia Post-Election Briefing (March 2004)
Audio and text of the post-election briefing with Carnegie Senior Associates Andrew Kuchins, Lilia Shevtsova, Alexei Malashenko, and Anders Aslund.

The Government of the Russian Federation - (dead link) (Russian or English)
Official Site

Russia Federal Government Server

American Russian Law Institute

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Center for Policy Studies in Russia

Council on Foreign & Defence Policy

Department of Defence - (dead link)

Foundation For Effective Policies

Internet Parliament - (dead link)
".The objective of Elections.Ru is to become the central source of information on the Russian elections in the Internet."
By Foundation For Effective Policies

Legal Research in Russian Law
"Outline for the tutorial taught at Case Western Reserve University, Spring 1995."
By Ilya Nikiforov

Material on Russian Federation Law in English: Selected Resources Feature, June 15, 2001.
By Lucy Cox, Reference and the Foreign/International Law Librarian, Rutgers University Law Library

Modern Customs and Ancient Laws of Russia by Maxime Kovalevsky 1891
By Rod Hay
From The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School Online News (Russian or English)
Political News Channel

Political Resources on the Net - Russian Federation
Listing of Parties & Organizations

Russia / Soviet Nuclear Forces Guide
Federation of American Scientists - Nuclear Forces Guide
Section include: Sources & Resources ; Systems ; Facilities ; Organization
Maintained by John Pike

Russia Votes
A joint project of: Centre for the Study of Public Policy, University of Strathclyde Russian Center for Public Opinion and Market Research (VCIOM)

Russian Academy of Sciences - (dead link)

Russian Federation Law & Government - (dead link)
From LawResearch

Russian International Nuclear Safety Center, Moscow - (dead link)

Russian Legal Information Sources
By Ilya V. Nikiforov, 1995

Russian Legal Server
"Our mission and the purpose of this server is to give the people of all countries the access to legal and related information concerning the Russian Federation in order to promote mutual understanding and to facilitate international business."

Russian Legislation - (dead link) (In Russian or English)
From Kodeks: The Legal Information Site

Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Russian Ministry of Atomic Energy

Russian Ministry of Defence Co-ordination Scientific Information Center

Russian Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources - (dead link)

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Russian Ministry for Science and Technology

Russian Politics - Internet Resources (In Japanese or English)
Maintained by The Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University

Russian-American Joint Commission On Prisoners of War and Missing in Action - (dead link)

Russophilia! - (dead link)
Government, Law & Politics

St. Petersburg Administration

State Committee of the Russian Federation of Land Resources and Land Management (Goscomzem)

State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics

State Registration Chamber at the Ministry of Justice, Moscow

United States Diplomatic Mission in Moscow - (dead link)

Constitution - (dead link) - Adopted Dec. 12, 1993

Constitution (In Russian)

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