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U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) see

Many Geology Organizations list specific Internet resources.

American Geological Institute

Central American Water Resource Management Network (CARA) (English or Spanish)
"CARA is a water resource training network focusing on building local capacity to improve the management and protection of Central American water resources.

Geology of the Grand Canyon (K12)
Sections include: How Was it Formed? ; Where Did all the Rock Come From? ; Why Does it Look Like it Does? ; When Did All this Happen?
By Bob Ribokas

GeoSTAC - GeoSpacial Training and Analysis Cooperative
"was formed with cooperating universites to assist in training by offering online exercises, workshops, and other training opportunities in their communities. GeoSTAC also supports
geospatial training in K-12 education.

Global Ice-Core Research
"...studies ice that is sometimes thousands of years old to determine what the earth's climate was like in the past. Once information about the past is known, we can apply the knowledge to the present and future."
- Water Resources of Idaho, USGS

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
"From this page, you can take a tour of NOAA programs and activities, acquire data collected from NOAA projects, locate NOAA staff, and learn about opportunities within NOAA."

Teaching Quantitative Skills in the Geosciences
Resources for Undergraduate Students and Faculty
"This website provides information on the issues involved in teaching quantitative skills and methods for doing so as well as additional resources and a community of other faculty who are all attempting this challenging task.

Water Resources Center Archives
Information about the collection (with sample images online) as well as a listing of Internet resources.
UC Berkeley Library

Zircons Are Forever
The Earliest Piece of the Earth
"Learn about the Earth's oldest material and much more."
Geology and Geophysics Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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