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See also Women in Afghanistan

Al-Islam - Women
"This link focuses on misconceptions about women and Islam."

American Public Media - Speaking of Faith

  • Muslim Women and Other Misunderstandings
    "Is there such a thing as the Muslim world? Is the 'veil' a sign of submission or courage? Is our Western concern about women in Islam really a concern for the well-being of women? Our guest, Egyptian-American Leila Ahmed, challenges current thought on these and other questions."
    Listen to the audio or read the transcript to the December 7, 2006 radio broadcast.

Association for Middle East Women's Studies (AMEWS)

BBC NEWS In-Depth - Muslims in Europe
Sections include: Key Stories ; Islam in Europe ; Quick Guide: Islam ; Headscarves ; After 7 July and Madrid ; Around Europe ; The French Experience.

Canadian Council of Muslim Women
"The Canadian Council of Muslim Women is a national non-profit organization established to assist Muslim women in participating effectively in Canadian Society and to promote mutual understanding between Canadian Muslim women and women of other faiths."
Includes their National Newsletter

Foreign Affairs
Published by the Council on Foreign Relations

"This discussion network seeks to establish an active dialogue on issues of gender in the Arabic speaking Middle East, Turkey, the Caucuses, Central Asia, Western Asia, the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa."

(Institute of Islamic Information and Education)
A brief electronic reprint from the III&E Brochure Series

Islam For Today
"An Internet home for theologically motivated Western converts to Islam and a source of information for non-Muslims seeking a knowledge and understanding of Islam.

Nobel Peace Prize 2003 - Shirin Ebadi
"...for her efforts for democracy and human rights. She has focused especially on the struggle for the rights of women and children...Ebadi is a conscious Moslem. She sees no conflict between Islam and fundamental human rights. It is important to her that the dialogue between the different cultures and religions of the world should take as its point of departure their shared values."

PBS - Independent Lens - A Wedding in Ramallah (November 2003)
Companion PBS website to the independent film by Sherine Salama.
"This documentary puts a human face on the Middle East conflict by chronicling the story of Bassam, a Palestinian American telephone repairman from Cleveland who returns home for an arranged marriage with a 'home-made bride.' On the West Bank, everyday domestic duties and squabbles are carried out against a backdrop of shelling and violence. Once in America, however, his bride discovers that life in exile is not necessarily an easier alternative."

  • Learn More
    Sections include: Muslim Marriage ; Arab American Immigration ; Publications.

Science Magazine - Essays On Science and Society

Sufi Women Organization

Women in Islam
From the Islamic Center of Southern California

Women in Islamic Society
By Prof. Abdur Rahman I. Doi Professor and Director, Center for Islamic Legal Studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaira, Nigeria.

Women in the Quran and the Sunnah
By Prof. Abdur Rahman I. Doi Professor and Director, Center for Islamic Legal Studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaira, Nigeria.

World Council of Muslim Women Foundation - (dead link)

ZAN = Woman in Farsi - (dead link)
"...is an interactive Directory / Anthology of the arts and ideas of Iranian Women, free from any political or religious affiliations. It is inclusive of all ages, religions, races, colors, classes, sexual orientations, and anything else that you can think of!!"

See also Women in Afghanistan

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