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Pluralism Project
"Our mission is to help Americans engage with the realities of religious diversity through research, outreach, and the active dissemination of resources."
- Committee on the Study of Religion, Harvard University.

100 Questions and Answers about Arab Americans - (dead link)
A Journalist's Guide
"...represents a unique means for wider society to relate to the subjects of faith and diversity. The website represents an impartial environment for an increasingly secular society to think about and discuss issues related to religion. We are here neither to preach nor to convert, but to bring to light the essence of religion, and its universal significance to modern day society."

Baylor University - Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies

  • Notes on Church-State Affairs - (dead link) (by country) [quarter publication available online]

Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations

Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) - (dead link)
"CAIR was established to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America. We believe misrepresentations of Islam are most often the result of ignorance on the part of non-Muslims and reluctance on the part of Muslims to articulate their case."

  • National and Worldwide Muslim Condemnation of Terrorism
    "The following document is a compilation of condemnations of the September 11 attacks. The articles, press releases and news clippings represent a sample of worldwide Muslim condemnation of these attacks and of terrorism in general. Most of the documents contain only excerpts of these condemnations. A document containing the full text of these condemnations would be much longer.

Global Dialogue Institute

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Hightech and Macumba
"The Forum "High Tech and Macumba" discusses a broad range of problems related to religious and parareligious movements today. Our mission is to join specialists of the most different parts of the world. We would like to give them the opportunity to present the results of their research to a broader public of interested people
The Goethe Institut of S„o Paulo

Jewish-Christian Relations
International Council of Christians and Jews

Minnesota Public Radio

  • Peace and Faith
    "Scholars on Islam [Qamar-ul Huda, U.S. Institute of Peace and Imam Yahya Hendi, Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University] talk about peace and the barriers to common understanding across faiths."
    Listen to the September 2006 broadcast.

Movement for Beloved Community
Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, Sri Lanka

Nobel Peace Prize 2003 - Shirin Ebadi
"...for her efforts for democracy and human rights. She has focused especially on the struggle for the rights of women and children...Ebadi is a conscious Moslem. She sees no conflict between Islam and fundamental human rights. It is important to her that the dialogue between the different cultures and religions of the world should take as its point of departure their shared values."

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

  • Declarations of Religious Freedom
    "There have been many federal constitutions, religious statements and international declarations that have guaranteed (at least in principle) religious freedoms throughout the world. The following excerpts are taken from a variety of such documents."

PBS: America Responds

  • Moyers in Conversation
    "In these special 30-minute programs, Bill Moyers is joined by guests from the humanities and faith communities to explore the background and aftermath of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C."

Pluralism Project
"Our mission is to help Americans engage with the realities of religious diversity through research, outreach, and the active dissemination of resources."
- Committee on the Study of Religion, Harvard University.

"Linking journalists to ideas and sources for reporting today's hottest news."

  • Darfur
    "Religious questions, advocates and resources."

Seattle Times - "Sikh Community Holds Memorial Service for Victim of Attacks" - (dead link) (09/17/01)

United Religions Initiative
" an international interfaith movement, which has the long-term goal of creating a United Religions, a permanent global dialogue forum, to work closely with the UNO, UNESCO and other institutions, to foster inter-religious dialogue, understanding and cooperation."

The White House

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