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Virtual Religion Index: Links for Research on Religion
"This index is designed as a tool for students with little time. It analyzes & highlights important content of religion-related websites to speed research. Hyperlinks are provided not only to homepages but to major subsites, directories & documents within. Our purpose is not to circumvent tours of worthy sites, but to cut down the time spent on surfing, click-throughs, and sorting of gopher searches."
With separate sections on academia, American religions, ancient Near Eastern studies, anthropology and sociology of religion, archaeology and religious art, Biblical studies, Buddhist tradition, Christian tradition, comparative religion, confessional agencies, East Asian studies, ethics & moral values, Greco-Roman studies, Hindu tradition, Islam, Jewish studies, philosophy & theology, and psychology of religion.
Maintained by MH Smith, Associate Professor of Religion, Rutgers University

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Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
Access to Marriage for Same-Sex Couples: History and Context
Sections include: Breaking News ; Washington State ; Across the Nation ; Civil Unions ; Religious Perspectives ; Resources.
- Seattle University School of Law Library

[Africa] The World of the Yoruba
"Yoruba is the second largest language group in Africa, consisting of over 20 million people. The term 'Yoruba' encompasses about twenty-five separate groups, each one culturally different from the next. Islam, Christianity, and the 'traditional' Yoruba pantheon, the orisa, are all embraced in Yorubaland. The bond shared by all Yoruba peoples is the centrality of ritual to special occasions, as well as to everyday life."
All articles written by students in Anthropology/African Studies, Franklin & Marshall College.

Hartford Institute for Religion Research
"We are committed to providing research based information on the social scientific study of religion in a way that makes this research usable for religious leaders and the general public...This site, established in 1997, include up-to-date survey findings, reports on national studies of religion and venues for interactive exchange of knowledge."

Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
Access to Marriage for Same-Sex Couples: History and Context
Sections include: Breaking News ; Washington State ; Across the Nation ; Civil Unions ; Religious Perspectives ; Resources.
- Seattle University School of Law Library

English Literature and Religion
"The main feature of this Web site is a large bibliographical database about religious aspects and backgrounds of English literature, from the Middle Ages to the present century, with primary (though not exclusive) emphasis upon writers within the Anglican tradition."
By William S. Peterson, Professor of English, University of Maryland, College Park

Pluralism Project
"Our mission is to help Americans engage with the realities of religious diversity through research, outreach, and the active dissemination of resources."
- Committee on the Study of Religion, Harvard University.

"Linking journalists to ideas and sources for reporting today's hottest news."

Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments
An Entheogen Chrestomathy by Thomas Roberts and Paula Jo Hruby

The Secular Web
"...purpose of the Internet Infidels is to provide a virtual library of information on nontheistic worldviews, including agnosticism, atheism, freethought, humanism, and secularism."

Spirituality in Higher Education
A National Study of College Students' Search for Meaning and Purpose
"The Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA is conducting a major new program of research to track the spiritual growth of students during their college years."

World Conference of Religions for Peace
" the largest international coalition of representatives from the worldís great religions dedicated to promoting peace...Respecting religious differences while celebrating our common humanity, Religions for Peace is active on every continent and in some of the most troubled areas of the world, creating multi-religious partnerships to confront our most dire issues: stopping war, ending poverty, and protecting the earth."

World Treasures of the Library of Congress: Beginnings
"The Library of Congress international gallery starts with 'Beginnings,' an exploration of how world cultures have dealt with the creation of the universe and explained the heavens and the earth."
Sections include: Introduction ; Creating ; Explaining and Ordering ; Recording the Experience.

*See individual traditions for specific texts, papers, and journals.*

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