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The Guide to Free Academic Resources On-Line
A collection of free scholarly journal articles, convention procedures, and working papers.

"Is a directory focusing on conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, workshops, events and business meetings."

Australian Digital Theses Program (ADT)
"The aim of this project is to establish a distributed database of digital versions of theses produced by the postgraduate research students at Australian Universities."

The Official Catalog of LISTSERV Lists
"From this page, you can browse any of the LISTSERV lists on the Internet, search for mailing lists of interest, and get information about LISTSERV host sites. This information is generated automatically from LISTSERV's LISTS database and is always up to date."

Conference Alerts
Academic Conference Worldwide

Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences - (dead link)
"The Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-conferences screens, evaluates and organizes discussion lists, newsgroups, MUDS, MOO'S, Muck's, Mushes, mailing lists, interactive Web chat groups etc. (e-conferences) on topics of interest to scholars and professionals for use in their scholarly, pedagological and professional activities."
Compiled by Diane K. Kovacs
Over 1100 lists in the directory

Electronic Journal Miner - (dead link)
Search engine for electronic journals

The Foundation Center Online
"The Center's mission is to foster public understanding of the foundation field by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating information on foundations, corporate giving, and related subjects."

Gateway to Associations Online - (dead link)
"Search the Gateway of over 6,589 Associations"
American Society of Association Executives

"over 3,2500,000 publications and 315 identities already on file..."
" a site that exists to facilitate the dissemination and discussion of academic research. It has numerous features, but at its core, it consists of two things: a database and a discussion forum. What makes getCITED's database truly unique is that it lets scholars and researchers decide what its content should be. What makes its discussion forum truly unique is the fact that, within the comments posted, you can create LINKS to PUBLICATIONS and IDENTITIES within the getCITED database."

Google Groups - (dead link)
"Google has integrated the full Usenet archive formerly maintained by with recent posts to provide complete access to Usenet data since 1995. Now when you search or browse Google Groups, you access the largest collection of postings on the web, containing more than 650 million messages (over a terabyte of human conversation)."

Free Web-based Braille Transcribing Service

Liszt: The Mailing List Directory
Main directory contains around 90,000 groups


  • natureevents
    " a free, fully searchable, multi-disciplinary scientific events database. Browse events, order brochures, register and purchase proceedings papers online."

Newsletter Access
"Browse or search our directory of over 5,000 newsletters."

Public Accessible Mailing Lists
By Stephanie da Silva

SARA - Scholarly Articles Research Alerting
E-Mail Contents Alert
" a service designed to deliver by email, tables of contents for any issue of Carfax, E & F N Spon,
Martin Dunitz, Psychology Press, Routledge or Taylor & Francis journals to anyone who has requested the information. This service is completely free of charge."
Taylor & Francis

The Scholarly Societies Project

Sabbatical Homes
The Real Estate Agency for Universities around the World
"...dedicated to bringing international academics on sabbatical leaves, research trips or exchange programs together on the Web. It is a place where scholars can go to post their homes for rent or exchange or to search for what other academics have posted in the database."

Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information
"The Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information and the accompanying Electronic Sources of Information: A Bibliography deal with all aspects of electronic publishing and include print and non-print materials, periodical articles, monographs and individual chapters in collected works. Over 1,000 items were identified and indexed in great detail for this project. Thousands of URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) were added to various entries. Both the Index and the Bibliography are continuously updated."
Deals with all aspects of electronic publishing and include print and non-print materials, periodical articles, monographs and individual chapters in collected works.
By Marian Dworaczek, University of Saskatchewan Libraries

TheseNet - (dead link)
Sponsored by ABES (Agence Bibliographique de l'Enseignement Superieur).

A searchable database of Discussion Lists, Usenet Newsgroups, and FTP Sites.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations in the Humanities

A Directory of Online References and Resources
By Matthew G. Kirschenbaum

A Gateway to Agricultural Science in the Netherlands

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

  • Education Theses Database - (dead link)
    "...a database of higher degrees theses accepted at Australian universities and colleges."

Australian Dissertations on Asia, 1999-2000 - (dead link)
"This list comprises dissertations on Asia or on Australiaís relations with Asia, either completed in 1999 or 2000 or in progress in 2000 in Australian universities. The list was compiled from information supplied to the Asian Studies Association of Australia, Inc., by Deputy Vice-Chancellors (Research) or their nominees."
Edited by R.E. Elson

Directory of [History] Dissertations in Progress
"The Directory contains 4,610 dissertations in progress at 165 academic departments in Canada and the United States. These dissertations in progress are submitted by departments as part of the annual updating of the Directory of History Departments and Organizations in the United States and Canada each spring."
American Historical Association

Dissertations in Central Asian Studies - (dead link)
Project of the Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies

Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology - Online (DDM-Online)
" a database of bibliographic records for completed dissertations and new dissertation topics in the fields of musicology, music theory, and ethnomusicology, as well as in related musical, scientific, and humanistic disciplines. Containing more than 11,600 records, including the contents of the earlier printed editions of Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology... Please note that DDM-Online does not include the dissertations themselves."

International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)
Lund University

  • Dissertations
    "Orders of free titles must be limited to three at the same time and only one copy of each title."

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)

Maintained by Mike Madin.
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