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News Digest Services & Directories
"...AlterNet's online magazine provides a mix of news, opinion and investigative journalism on subjects ranging from the environment, the drug war, technology and cultural trends to policy debate, sexual politics and health issues. The AlterNet article database includes more than 7,000 stories from over 200 sources.

Associated Press - AP
"The Associated Press is the backbone of the world's information system serving thousands of daily newspaper, radio, television and online customers with coverage in all media and news in all formats. It is the largest and oldest news organization in the world, serving as a source of news, photos, graphics, audio and video."
"your source for state news"
Search by issues or states. The site includes the full-texts of each governors' state of the state addresses.
Publication of the Pew Center on the States, University of Richmond

United States Newspaper Program
"The United States Newspaper Program is a cooperative national effort among the states and the federal government to locate, catalog, and preserve on microfilm newspapers published in the United States from the eighteenth century to the present."


Biomedicine and Health in the News (BHN)
" provide quick access to the biomedical, scientific and health journal literature referenced in newspaper articles appearing in the New York Times. Newspaper articles that announce new research findings and refer to current or forthcoming publication are given highest priority. Unpublished research reported at professional meetings is also included."
Updated 4x each week

"...a comprehensive Web site about the latest research advances in science, medicine, health, and technology."

Think: Opinions, Ideas and Commentary
"...access to the most current editorials, opinions, commentaries and columnists from English newspapers and magazines...indexed each day."
By Monty Kersell

"The service is intended to introduce you to voices from elsewhere (even when the elsewhere is here) who might offer a clearer sense of how this imperial globe of ours actually works."
Compiled and Edited by Tom Engelhardt, A Project of the Nation Institute.

Selected Individual News Sources

American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS)
"network is a national distribution system for Native programming to Tribal communities and to general audiences through Native American and other public radio stations as well as the Internet."

The American Prospect Online
"...The aim of The American Prospect is to contribute to a renewal of America's democratic traditions by presenting a practical and convincing vision of liberal philosophy, politics, and public life."

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