Epidemics & Vaccines: Public Health Degrees

Online degree programs specializing in public health place a significant focus on topics regarding the general public wellbeing. This can include everything from how to handle certain health situations to providing essential information on a specific health related topic. Once you have successfully completed your degree program in public health, you will have the necessary education and industry experience to launch a career in this healthcare field.

Public Health Degree FAQs

What Do Public Health Degree Programs Cover?

While each online public health degree program is customized by the accredited school providing it, the most common curriculum threads that connect all of them include comprehensive coverage of anatomy, biology, chemistry and physiology.

Why Should I Consider a Public Health Degree?

If you wish to pursue an occupation in the medical field, but lack the time or the finances to obtain a medical doctoral degree, then an online public health degree program can help you achieve your goals. With this degree, you will have the freedom to pursue a wide range of medical jobs that can include positions in hospitals, clinics, colleges or universities.

What Do Public Health Professionals Do?

Those who work in public health can find themselves in a variety of roles. Some graduates end up working as public health social workers, while others may find employment in managerial roles. This is a vast area of health care with endless employment possibilities. Other professions include monitoring the public health environment, providing health education and delivering health care provisions to the public.

What Kind of Salary Can I Earn With an Online Degree Public Health?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, professionals with a degree who work in the public health field typically make around $70,000 per year. Depending on location, experience and actual job title, there is a substantial likelihood that you can earn more.

Is Distance Learning a Recognized Form of Education?

Today, more employers understand that many full-time professionals return to academic pursuits. Whether the intention is career driven or a personal journey, the fact remains; online education has become the learning format of choice for these individuals.

The online learning format offers unparalleled flexibility. It's an affordable educational option and provides university-quality programs. Obtaining a degree from an online accredited learning institution carries the same weight as a degree from a four-year campus-based program.

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