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American Transcendentalism Web
"This interlinked hypertext was initiated in Spring 1999 by Virginia Commonwealth University graduate students studying in Professor Ann Woodlief's class in Studies in American Transcendentalism. It is a work in progress, and submissions of papers, texts and notes on them, and links are gladly welcomed..."
Sections include: Authors & Texts ; Roots & Influences ; Ideas & Thought ; Criticism ; Resources & Bibliographies ; Communication Center.

Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive
Includes "Electronic versions of Chinese philosophical texts created by the Confucian Etext Project; Electronic versions of Chinese philosophical texts from other sources, to some of which we have made minor improvements; and Information on and links to more information on the preparation and use of these texts

Cogprints - (dead link)
Cognitive Science Archive
" electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area of Psychology, neuroscience, and Linguistics, and many areas of Computer Science....Philosophy...Biology..."

Confucianism and Taoism Digital Texts Resources - (dead link)
Part of Prof. Muller's main site Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought
Maintained by A. Charles Muller, Toyo Gaukuen University

A Dedication to Spinoza's Insights - (dead link)
Electronic texts of Spinozaís major works with Commentary. Spinozistic Glossary and Index. Insights expressed in Prose, Dialogue, and Calculus formats. Links to Spinoza Web sites
By Joseph B. Yesselman

Dvaita Text Resources
Downloadable texts from the tradition of ¬ch‚rya Madhva
"...this is an online text archive mainly for the dualist Vedanta (Hindu) school of Madhva (13th cent.). Features rare texts and prayers as downloadable PDF files. Much content is in Sanskrit, but also some introductions, translations, and Forewords in English."

Early Greek Philosophy - (dead link)
"This text is a reprint of the 3rd edition of John Burnet's famous study of Presocratic philosophy, Early Greek Philosophy, originally published in 1920."

essential teachings
A growing collection of video interviews with philosophers, scholars, and spiritual leaders regarding "key ideas about the meaning life."
By Michael McKnight

History of Ancient Philosophy
A very useful collection of links used for a class at the University of Washington. Includes Lecture Notes, Online Texts and much more
By S. Marc Cohen, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Washington

The Hume Archives
"The Hume Archives is a repository of electronic texts by and about 18th Century Scottish Philosopher David Hume."
By Jim Fieser, University of Tennessee, Martin

Identities: How Governed, Who Pays? - (dead link)
By H.B. Paksoy, 2001
Simultaneous print and e-version release

The Internet Classics Archive
"Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors, including user-driven commentary and "reader's choice" Web sites. Mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation."
By Daniel S. Stevenson

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
"The Sourcebook is in two parts. The first is made up of fairly short classroom sized extracts, derived from public domain sources or copy-permitted translations, the second is composed of the full documents, or WWW links to the full documents...At the moment, the texts available still address elite governmental, legal, religious and economic concerns."
Edited by Paul Halsall, Fordham University

Mill, John Stuart (1806-1873)

Noema: The Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy
"This bibliography is a project in collaborative scholarship with a database now containing over 16,000 records representing the work of over 5,000 women."
"Final edition of this site 8 June, 1998."

Online Medieval and Classical Library
"The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL) is a collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization. Douglas B. Killings is responsible for the project."
Berkeley Digital Library

PBS - Endgame: Ethics & Values in America
"This groundbreaking special enables viewers to enter the lives of fictional characters forced to make critical decisions with profound moral, ethical or social implications. Endgame: Ethics and Values in America fuses the media of dramatic film, interactivity on the Internet, sync-to-broadcast technology, and live television with a studio audience. Viewers are empowered to confront those gray areas of human experience where serious moral and ethical choices are made."

Philosophy For Business (electronic journal)
"Philosophy for Business is a new e-journal from the International Society for Philosophers, looking at philosophical and ethical aspects of business practice.

Philosophy Forums
"A forum for discussion of philosophical topics."

Philosophy Pathways (electronic journal)
Edited by Geoffrey Klempner.

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Neutrosophy and Neutrosophic Logic (e-book) [.pdf]
University of New Mexico, 1-3 December 2001

University of Virginia Library - Chinese Text Initiative

  • Lienu zhuan ; Lieh Nu Chuan
    [Traditions Of Exemplary Women]
    "Compiled toward the end of the Former Han dynasty (202 B.C.- A.D. 9), Liu Xiang's (79-8 B.C.) Lienu zhuan [Traditions of Exemplary Women, hereafter abbreviated as LNZ] is the earliest extant book in the Chinese tradition solely devoted to the moral education of women."
    Introduction by Anne Kinney, Associate Professor of Chinese, University of Virginia

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms - (dead link)
"This dictionary is an aid to the readers of Muslim philosophical works many of which are in Arabic. It includes most of the terminology that was developed by Muslim philosophers in their works and the terms that they borrowed -and sometimes translated- from the Greek philosophical works. Also included are concepts that are Islamic but of a philosophical nature and were used by Muslim philosophers...The dictionary also includes the Arabized names of the philosophers and scientist of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Origin -namely those that worked with Greek works of science, mathematics and philosophy."

Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
"This is a concise guide to technical terms and personal names often encountered in the study of philosophy. What you will find here naturally reflects my own philosophical interests and convictions, but everything is meant to be clear, accurate, and fair, a reliable source of information on Western philosophy for a broad audience...Although the entries are often brief, many include links to electronic texts and to more detailed discussions on this site or in other on-line resources..."
Maintained by Garth Kemerling

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
"This dictionary is intended as a free resource to all those interested in the philosophy of mind. The Dictionary has recently adopted a policy of blind peer review for all submissions to the Dictionary."
By Chris Eliasmith

Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophy
"This site constitutes a bibliography of the philosophical literature of India during its classical phase and the secondary material on this literature that is available (for the most part) in English. This Web site is an expanded and updated version of the Bibliography which appeared as Volume I of Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies[ by Karl Potter, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Washington]...This electronic edition is published to keep the reader updated on material discovered and catalogued subsequent to the 3rd edition."
This site, the on-line version of Volume I of The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, is developed and Maintained by Christine Keyt, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Washington

Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education (English or Portuguese)
Edited by Michael A. Peters and Paulo Ghiraldelli Jr.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
"Articles in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are currently from three sources (1) adaptations from public domain sources, (2) adaptations of material written by the editor for classroom purposes, and (3) original contributions by professional philosophers around the internet."
The collection of texts is especially impressive
Edited by James Fieser, Ph.D. and Bradley Bowden, Ph.D.

Kant e-Prints (Portuguese or English)
Campinas Section of the Brazilian Kant Society
- Unicamp (Brazil) - Center for Logic, Epistemology and the History of Science

Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy
"Compare topics in the most important Encyclopedias and Dictionaries of Philosophy on the Internet."
Compares entries from the following sources: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind, The Ism Book, The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names, and the Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education.
Maintained by Andrew Chrucky

The Philosophical Lexicon
Makes for a good study break - for example:
"cavell, v. An exquisitely sensitive distinction of language, hence cavellier, adj. characterizing a writing style common among extraordinary language philosophers."
Daniel Dennett, Editor

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
"...the first dynamic encyclopedia. In a dynamic encyclopedia, each entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field."
An exciting scholarly work in progress
Edited by Edward N. Zalta, Stanford University

Journals & Online Articles
Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy

An electronic journal with a focus on philosophy, epistemology, and psychoanalysis.
The articles are in French and English with German articles to be added later.

Just read it!

Internet Salon
"A journal and discussion forum promoting a philosophical review of cinema, the salon combines original review articles with email response and argument. Plus our regular selection of the best new writings and other links from around the web."

An International Journal for the Philosophy of Chemistry
Published at the University of Karlsruhe, Institute of Philosophy, Germany

History of Intellectual Culture
" a peer-reviewed academic electronic journal that provides a forum for publication and discussion of original research on the socio-historical contexts of ideas and ideologies and their relationships to community and state formation, physical environments, human and institutional agency, personal and collective identity, and lived experience."
- University of Calgary Press

The International Directory of On-line Philosophy Papers

Journal of Buddhist Ethics

Annual Online Journal of Philosophy

The Paideia Project On-Line
Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, August 10-15, 1998
"Here you can order the Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, read over 800 papers presented at the Congress, as well as review the official Congress program and flip through a photo album of the Congress week."

The Philosopher
Interactive electronic incarnation of the Journal of the Philosophical Society of England

The Philosophers' Web Magazine

Smarandache Notions Journal
"This is an electronic and hard copy journal in many languages about Smarandache type functions, sequences, prime numbers, solved and unsolved problems, conjectures, theorems, algebraic structures, Non-Euclidean geometries, manifolds, paradoxes, tautologies, laws, hypothesis that there is no speed barrier in the universe, neutrosophy, neutrosophic logic, neutrosophic set, neutrosophic probability and statistics, etc."

Soundsite - (dead link)
The online journal of Sound Theory, Philosophy of Sound and Sound Art.

Stoic Voice Journal
ISSN 1529-2835
" a monthly e-mail/online publication featuring contemporary and classic works on the history, theory, practical application, creative expression, and modern experience of Stoicism. Its primary purpose is to help facilitate the re-emergence of Stoicism as a living and practical philosophy for the modern age."

Transcendent Philosophy - (dead link)
Journal of Comparative Philosophy and Mysticism

The Trumpeter
Journal of Ecosophy
" an environmental journal dedicated to the pursuit of understanding and wisdom as it attempts to aid in the development of an ecosophy, or, wisdom born of ecological understanding and insight."

University of Chicago Philosophy Project
"This project seeks to provide a forum for electronically mediated scholarly discussion of philosophical works."

Washington University - Dept. of Philosophy - Neuroscience - Psychology Program

  • Archive of Papers and Technical Reports - (dead link)

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