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Chad Hansen's Chinese Philosophy Page
"I'll be adding translations and essays as I finish and prepare them for my Comparative philosophy classes at the University of Hong Kong."

Chinese Cultural Studies: Philosophy and Religion in China
"Compiled from Compton's Living Encyclopedia"

Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive
Includes "Electronic versions of Chinese philosophical texts created by the Confucian Etext Project; Electronic versions of Chinese philosophical texts from other sources, to some of which we have made minor improvements; and Information on and links to more information on the preparation and use of these texts

Chinese Philosophy Page (CPP) - (dead link)
This well designed site includes Texts ; Mailing Lists ; Chinese Philosophy Links ; Recommend Books ; General Philosophy Links ; Other Links ; Chat ; Search Engine and more.
By Steven A. Brown

The Gallery of China: Chinese Philosophy and Religion - (dead link) An annotated collection of resources.

Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy

Internet Guide for Chinese Studies - Philosophy and Religion
Sections include: General ; Confucianism ; Daoism ; Buddhism ; Islam ; Christianity ; Judaism ; Bibliographies ; Related Journals.
Edited by Hanno Lecher

Confucianism and Taoism Digital Texts Resources - (dead link)
Part of Prof. Muller's main site Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought
Maintained by A. Charles Muller, Toyo Gaukuen University

Graduate Programs in Asian Philosophy and Religion - (dead link)
By Charles Muller, Toyo Gakuen University

Links for Chinese Religions and Philosophy
Sections include: General ; Confucianism ; Taoism ; Buddhism ; Popular Religion ; Divination ; Women ; Philosophy ; Science & Medicine ; Christianity ; Judaism ; News ; Politics ; Government Sites.
By Joseph Adler, Dept. of Religious Studies, Kenyon College

Stephen C. Angle's China-Related Links
An impressive collection of scholarly links.

Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page - (dead link)
A very useful general page with sections on Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, I Ching, Sun Tzu, and Guigu Tzu.

Taoism Information Page
English language scholarly and philosophical information
Maintained by Gene R. Thursby

University of Virginia Library - Chinese Text Initiative

  • Lienu zhuan ; Lieh Nu Chuan
    [Traditions Of Exemplary Women]
    "Compiled toward the end of the Former Han dynasty (202 B.C.- A.D. 9), Liu Xiang's (79-8 B.C.) Lienu zhuan [Traditions of Exemplary Women, hereafter abbreviated as LNZ] is the earliest extant book in the Chinese tradition solely devoted to the moral education of women."
    Introduction by Anne Kinney, Associate Professor of Chinese, University of Virginia

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