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African Indigenous Knowledge Systems
"In this home page we intend to present various perspectives on Africa's indigenous knowledge systems from a wide range of scholars."

African Philosophy
"I include philosophy which focusses on Africa, philosophy done in Africa, and philosophy that is part of the traditional conversation among African philosophers."
Maintained by Bruce B. Janz

Ijo Orunmila
"...(formerly the Home Page for Ifa), a gathering place for students of wisdom and seekers of truth"

[Yoruba] The World of the Yoruba
"Yoruba is the second largest language group in Africa, consisting of over 20 million people. The term 'Yoruba' encompasses about twenty-five separate groups, each one culturally different from the next. Islam, Christianity, and the 'traditional' Yoruba pantheon, the orisa, are all embraced in Yorubaland. The bond shared by all Yoruba peoples is the centrality of ritual to special occasions, as well as to everyday life."
All articles written by students in Anthropology/African Studies, Franklin & Marshall College.

BBC World Service - The Story of Africa [text and audio]
"The Story of Africa tells the history of the continent from an African perspective... Africa's top historians take a fresh look at the events and characters that have shaped the continent from the origins of humankind to the end of South African apartheid."
Sections include: Living History ; Early History ; Nile Valley ; West African Kingdoms ; The Swahili ; Traditional Religions ; Islam ; Christianity ; Slavery ; Central African Kingdoms ; Africa & Europe (1800-1914) ; Southern Africa ; Between World Wars (1914-1945) ; Independence ; Programmes.

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