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General Online Collections

American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) Virtual Library
" a collection of online resources by, for, and about the indigenous peoples of North America and the Pacific."

American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS)
"network is a national distribution system for Native programming to Tribal communities and to general audiences through Native American and other public radio stations as well as the Internet."

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest
"This digital collection integrates over 2,300 photographs and 7,700 pages of text relating to the American Indians in two cultural areas of the Pacific Northwest, the Northwest Coast and Plateau. These resources illustrate many aspects of life and work, including housing, clothing, crafts, transportation, education, and employment. The materials are drawn from the extensive collections of the University of Washington Libraries, the Cheney Cowles Museum/Eastern Washington State Historical Society in Spokane, and the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle."
- University of Washington Libraries & American Memory, Library of Congress

The Elkus Indian Papers
"The California Academy of Sciences houses a collection of over 2,000 documents related to Indian affairs over the period 1922-1963."
Includes an online database of the papers, maps of the Southwest and more

GALILEO - Online Databases
University System of Georgia
To access the database below click on Digital Library of Georgia then Databases.

Indigenous Language Institute
"...collaborates with indigenous communities to revitalize and perpetuate the languages and culture of the original inhabitants of the Americas."

Journal of American Indian Education (JAIE)
Full text of past volumes only
" a peer reviewed scholarly journal, which publishes papers specifically related to the education of American Indians and Alaska Natives."

Kacike: Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology

Labriola National American Indian Data Center
Arizona State University
"...a research collection international in scope that brings together in one location current and historic information on government, culture, religion and world view, social life and customs, tribal history, and information on individuals from the United States, Canada, Sonora, and Chihuahua, Mexico. It disseminates this information through the use of the Internet, computer databases, and CD-ROM."

Native American Authors
"This website provides information on Native North American authors with bibliographies of their published works, biographical information, and links to online resources including interviews, online texts and tribal websites. Currently the website primarily contains information on contemporary Native American authors, although some historical authors are represented. The website will continue to expand, adding additional authors, books and web resources."
From the Internet Public Library

Native American Documents Project
"...Indexed Published Reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and the Board of Indian Commissioners for 1871, and two appendices to the board's report...ten tables of quantitative data, with explanatory material, about the results of allotment...111 indexed documents in the Rogue River War and Siletz Reservation collection, most from the 19th century, with explanatory material and a map."
California State University, San Marcos

Native American Ethnobotany
"A Database of Foods, Drugs, Dyes and Fibers of Native American Peoples, Derived from Plants."
By Dan Moerman, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Native American Health History Database
"This Website is a collection of health related Articles and Literature concerning Native Americans. We currently possess copies of approximately 3,300 published articles within the years: 1764 - 1965... Full text articles can not be viewed, but within the 'Search the Database' option we provide the Citation and an Abstract of any particular article."
Health Sciences Center Library, University of New Mexico

Native American Repatriation & Reburial: A Bibliography
Compiled by Barb Bocek, Dept. of Archaeology, Stanford University

Native Americans and the Environment
" exhaustive index of web resources, a document archive and over 1,000 publication citations."
By Alx Dark, Center for Conservation

Native Village
"...was created as an educational and current events resource for Native youth, teens, families, educators, and friends. We publish two weekly news editions: Native Village Drum and Native Village Youth and Education News. Each issue shares Indian news from across the Americas and is written in a condensed, easy-to-read format. Native Village libraries house links to quality learning opportunities and websites. Our archives allow you to browse past issues, and we continually update information in other areas to help you stay current with Americas' First Nations and People."

Speeches & Articles

Camping with the Sioux
Fieldwork Diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher
"The following text is based on two journals kept by Alice Fletcher during a six-week venture into Plains Indian territory in 1881."
National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution


Bibliographies of Northern and Central California Indians

Bibliography of Historical and Contemporary American Indian Gaming
Nick Davis

Navajo Bibliography for Beginners
"Selections made for this bibliography are intended to introduce students to the DinÈ and cover Navajo tribal government, arts and crafts, ceremonies, legends, languages, Code Talkers, education, etc."
Rodgerick Begay

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