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Art Institute of Chicago Museum

  • Science, Art & Technology
    "...began as a year-long course offered by The Art Institute of Chicago to Chicago Public School science teachers interested in exploring the relationship between science and art within a museum setting... Teachers used the information provided to create written guides for museum visits with their students and lesson plans for in-class instruction. The program's overarching goal was to show science teachers that an art museum may be used as a visual library to augment and to enrich established high-school science curricula in chemistry, earth science, or physics."
    Sections include: Intro to Science and Art ; Art and Astronomy ; The Chemistry and Physics of Light and Color ; Perception, Light, and Color ; Conservation: Light in the Making and Viewing of Art ; Careers in Science, Art, and Technology ; Lesson Plans ; Self-Guides ; Glossary.

Conservation OLine (CoOL)
Resources for Conservation Professionals
"CoOL, a project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries, is a full text library of conservation information, covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library, archives and museum materials."

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) (English or French)
Includes News ; Internet Resources ; General Document Repositories and a lot more.

Museum Learning Collaborative
"...the MLC is assembling a comprehensive annotated literature database that will be an invaluable resource for museum professionals, museum studies students, and others interested in informal learning. In addition, the MLC is compiling a list of university course syllabi which deal with informal learning and learning in museums."

Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies
"...interprets the collective knowledge of the Smithsonian and serves as a gateway to its educational resources. Through research, publishing, and staff development programs for the education and museum communities, the Center promotes the understanding and use of museums.

Smithsonian Exhibit
The Enola Gay Controversy
"How Do We Remember a War that We Won?"
"After about ten months of open, sustained controversy, the Smithsonian bowed to pressure, canceled the original exhibit, and replaced it with one less controversial. That action was both praised and scorned. And the whole episode continues to be a flash point among the indefatigable belligerents of the so-called 'culture wars'...Thus, the pages that follow enable users to experience the evolution of the Enola Gay controversy -- in some sense to relive it -- by reading through a chronological list of documents divided into five 'rounds.'"
By Edward J. Gallagher, Dept. of English, Lehigh University

Many Museum Studies Organizations have specialized Internet directories.

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