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WWW Virtual Library: Microbiology & Virology
"Subjects covered include culture collections, databases, educational sites, journals, government and regulatory sites, images, medical microbiology, university departments, virology, protista, and references to newsgroups, Email lists, and other resources for the microbiologist."
Maintained by Scott Sutton

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Actinomycete-Streptomyces Internet Resource Center (ASIRC)
"We will post information regarding future meeting dates/programs, methods/techniques, secondary metabolite chemdraw/chemintosh structures, photographs, micrographs, and job postings."
Maintained by Anurag Khetan and Hope Johnson, Sherman Lab
Biological Process Technology Institute, University of Minnesota

Aerobiological Engineering
"Aerobiological Engineering is the art and science of designing buildings and systems for the control of airborne pathogens and reduction of respiratory infections in indoor environments, including commercial buildings, hospitals, and residences. Aerobiology is the study of microorganisms in the air which may be detrimental to human health. Included among these organisms are viruses, bacteria and fungi."
College of Engineering, Penn State

Antibody Resource Page
Designed to be a multi-disciplinary resource on antibodies for both novices and experts. Sections include Educational Resources about Antibodies, Online Databanks/Databases, Online Journals, Online Companies that Sell Antibodies, Custom Antibody Suppliers, How to Find an Antibody Antibody Gallery, Miscellaneous Biotechnology Sites, Bulletin Board, and Antibody News

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories
4th ed., May 1999.
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institutes of Health

California State University Biological Sciences Web Server
"The purpose of this server is to consolidate existing WWW Biological Science teaching and research resources and to create and distribute original multimedia resources for the teaching of biology."

The CMS-SDSC Molecular Biology Resource - (dead link)
"This website is a compendium of electronic and Internet-accessible tools and resources for Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Evolution, Biochemistry, and Biomolecular Modeling."

The Comprehensive Microbial Resource Home Page
"These pages have been designed to allow the user to access data from all of the genome sequences completed to date. Accessible here is the Omniome database which contains the sequence and annotation of each of the completed genomes as well as associated information about the organisms (such as taxon and gram stain pattern), the structure and composition of their DNA molecules (such as plasmid vs. chromosome and GC content), and many attributes of the protein sequences predicted from the DNA sequence (such as pI and molecular weight)."

An excellent resource for the cyanobacterial research community. "It is hoped that this site will eventually contain archives of experimental protocols, a multi-media phylogenetic tree, databases of known cyanobacterial genes and proteins, comprehensive bibliographic information, educational resources..."
By Mark A. Schneegurt

DNA Vaccine Web
A Global Platform for Vaccine Research & Development
An extensive collection of both general and specialized resources.
By Robert Whalen

HealthWeb: Microbiology & Immunology - (dead link)
University of Minnesota Bio-Medical Library and the HealthWeb project.

Martindale's Health Science Guide - Microbiology
By Jim Martindale

MedWeb: Microbiology and Virology
Listing of Internet resources, societies, centers, and journals
Emory University Health Science Center Library

"Your Microbiology Education Library"
Sections include Visual Resources ; Curriculum Resources ; Education Reviews & Resources ; Microbiology Education Journal ; Focus on Microbiology Education Newsletter.
American Society of Microbiology

Microbial Information Network in China
Information Network Center, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Microbial World - (dead link)
Profiles of Microorganisms
"Profiles" of microorganisms and microbial processes.
Topics include bacteria, fungi, biological control, environmental microbiology, plant, human and animal disease. Very well organized and easy to use
Produced by Jim Deacon, Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh

Microbiology Jump Station
A general collection of Internet resources

Microbiology Today
Official publication of the Society for General Microbiology

Microbiology Webbed Out
Online textbook by Timothy Paustian, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Microbiology Information Portal
Sections include: General Microbiology ; Environmental Microbiology ; Food Microbiology ; Industrial Microbiology ; Medical Microbiology ; Veterinary Microbiology ; Education and Learning ; Employment and Careers ; Organizations ; Companies ; Web Gateways ; Publications ; News ; Events ; Articles.
By Al Chan

Microscopy and Imaging Resources on the WWW
Topics include Introduction to Light Microscopy ; Advanced Concepts ; Internet Resources ; Interesting & Educational ; Professional Societies.
- College of Pharmacy Experimental Pathology Services Core, University of Arizona

An Online Resource for rRNA-targeted Oligonucleotide Probes
"Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) targeted oligonucleotide probes are widely used for fluorescence in situ, dot blot, and microarray hybridization in culture-independent studies of microbial communities and for the identification of uncultured prokaryotes. probeBase is a comprehensive database containing published rRNA-targeted oligonucleotide probe sequences, DNA microarray layouts and associated information."
- University of Vienna - Institute of Ecology and Conservation Biology

Protist Image Data
"...provides pictures and short descriptions of selected protist genera, especially those genera whose species are frequently used as experimental organisms or are important in studies of organismal evolution. Our intent is to provide up-to-date online information on the morphology, taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships of these organisms."
Organelle Genome Megasequencing Project, Dept. Biochemistry, University of Montreal

Gateway to Government Food Safety Information
Sections include: News & Safety Alerts ; Consumer Advice ; Kids, Teens, & Educators ; Report Illnesses & Product Complaints ; Foodborne Pathogens ; Industry Assistance ; National Food Safety Programs ; Federal & State Gov't Agencies ; Other Topics.

Maintained by Mike Madin.
Academic Info http://www.academicinfo.net/microbio.html

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