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Base de Datos PolÌticos de las AmÈricas - México / Georgetown University Political Database of the Americas - Mexico Resources
Sections include: Constitutional Studies ; Electoral Systems ; Civil Society ; Political Parties ; Executive Institutions ; Legislative Institutions ; Judicial Institution.
Georgetown University Political Database of the Americas

The Mexico Project
"Since 1994, and intensively since 2000, the National Security Archive's Mexico Project has sought to identify and obtain the release of documents from secret government archives on United States policy in Mexico since 1960, and to disseminate those records through publications, conferences and the Archive's web site."

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases - Mexico
New York University Law Library

Latin American Government Documents Project
"...organizes and describes the many Latin American official documents now appearing on the Internet."

MÉXICO: Constitutions / Constituciones
From Georgetown University Political Database of the Americas / Base de Datos PolÌticos de las AmÈricas.

Special Summit of the Americas
January 12-13, 2004, Monterrey, Mexico
"...will work basically on issues of social policy and equity, and look for a new agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean that transcends the Washington consensus..."
Includes daily updates and live transmission.
- Organization of American States

Zapatistas in Cyberspace
A Guide to Analysis & Information
"...this guide has been compiled to provide not only an introduction to the variety of efforts that have developed in cyberspace, but also one point of departure for further developments."
Sections include: Analysis ; Internet Lists, Conferences & Newsgroups ; World Wide Websites ; Archives ; Books ; Film, Graphics, Photographs.
By Harry M. Cleaver, Jr., Dept. of Economics, University of Texas, Austin

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