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Law Library of Congress

Legal Information Institute (LII)
- Cornell University Law School Library
"The server offers the LII's collection of recent and historic Supreme Court decisions, its hypertext versions of the full U.S. Code, U.S. Constitution, Federal Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure, recent
opinions of the New York Court of Appeals and commentary on themfrom the liibulletin-ny and other important legal materials -- federal, state, foreign and international. It holds the LII's e-mail address directory of faculty and staff at U.S. law schools as well as contact information on other people and organizations in the field of law. "

U.S. Department of Justice

Guide to Law Online: U.S. States and Associated Jurisdictions

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Brown v. Board of Education - see our separate Brown v. Board of Education page.

elaws Advisors
Employment Laws Assistance for Workers and Small Business
"...help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the employment laws and regulations administered by the Department of Labor (DOL). Each Advisor imitates the interaction you might have with a DOL employment law expert--it asks questions and provides answers based on your responses."

JURIST: The Legal Education Network
"...the Internet's legal education portal, the university-based academic gateway to authoritative legal information, instruction and scholarship online. Edited and quality-controlled by a select team of Net-savvy law professors from law schools across the United States and around the world, JURIST is especially designed for individuals learning, teaching or researching law - legal scholars, law students, law librarians, lawyers and judges, journalists, and interested citizens."
University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Justice Learning
"...is an innovative, issue-based approach for engaging high school students in informed political discourse. The web site uses audio from the Justice Talking radio show and articles from The New York Times to teach students about reasoned debate and the often-conflicting values inherent in our democracy. The web site includes articles, editorials and oral debate from the nation's finest journalists and advocates."
- A Collaboration of NPR's Justice Talking and The New York Times Learning Network.

Law and Politics: Internet Guide
"Designed for the legal profession, academia and the public, Law and Politics: Internet Guide is your one-stop source for legal research. Law and Politics is dedicated to finding the most informative and current law related resources on the Internet. Our staff sifts through, evaluates and reviews select sites for you. Each general category leads the user to carefully selected links, each with a brief description. Resources have been selected for their informational value. Inclusion of a resource is predicated on four criteria: quality, accuracy of content, presentation, and utility."

Legal Research Tutorials
Created for students at Georgetown University Law School but still very useful for other students and researchers.
Tutorials include: Statutory Research ; Cases and Digests ; Secondary Sources ; International Legal Research ; Administrative Law ; Legislative History Research ; Internet Legal Research.
- Georgetown University Law Library

"your source for state news"
Search by issues or states. The site includes the full-texts of each governors' state of the state addresses.
Publication of the Pew Center on the States, University of Richmond

Supreme Court - See our separate U.S. Supreme Court page.

WashLaw WEB
"WashLaw WEB links you to law related resources on the Internet and the World-Wide Web. In addition to specialized subject areas, you may access information about Law Schools and Law Libraries. You can search law library catalogs... Special collections include the Brown vs Board of Education materials, and Kansas Court Decisions."
A mix of local and national resources. A very nice site from the Washburn University School of Law Library.

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