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Alegria : The Mexican Folklorico Home Page
"Site contains links to Los Danzantes de Alegria, Grupo Folklorico Mexico Tenochtitlan, Dance Directory, Calendar of Events, Regional Dances of Mexico, Links to related Sites and a Bulletin Board"

Apuntes de literatura peruana
Gateway to the literature of Peru

Arachne @ Rutgers (ejournal)
Journal of Iberian and Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies

ARARA (ejournal)
Art and Architecture of the Americas
"Arara is an online journal relating to the Arts and Architecture of the Americas from pre-Columbian times to the present day. It is currently published twice a year and is edited by postgraduate students from the department of Art History and Theory at the University of Essex."

Biblioteca Nacional Rep˙blica Argentina - (dead link) (Spanish or English)

Biblioteca Virtual de Literatura
"A Biblioteca Virtual de Literatura È um site na Internet com informaÁıes ˙teis para especialistas e pesquisadores, alunos e professores das diversas literaturas e tambÈm a leitores e usu·rios da rede em geral. Nela se encontram informaÁıes detalhadas sobre escritores e ensaÌstas; bibliotecas convencionais e virtuais; associaÁıes e academias; instituiÁıes de pesquisa; editoras e livrarias; bibliografias; criaÁ„o online; revistas eletrÙnicas; prÍmios e concursos e muito mais..."

Clave Magazine
A Journal of Latin American Arts and Culture
"...In this section you will find interviews with artists, musicians and other personalities; reviews of their work, articles about music styles, indigenous instruments and more."

Colección Cisneros (English, Spanish, Portuguese)
" a visual arts program of the FundaciÛn Cisneros. Its mission is to collect, preserve, study, and exhibit the ColecciÛnís extensive artworks and related archives, which consist primarily of modern and contemporary art, with an emphasis on Latin America. The ColecciÛn also includes Colonial Latin American art, international decorative arts, and a selection of Latin American landscapes from the seventeenth to the early twentieth century, executed by both local artists and those who traveled to the continent from North America and Europe."

Comedia Textlist
"The texts provided are good, standard texts prepared by a number of specialists in the field of Golden Age theater studies."

[Cruz, Celia] Smithsonian National Museum of American History

  • °Az˙car! : The Life and Music of Celia Cruz
    "Celia Cruz became an influential and legendary musical figureóin her native country, her adopted country, and around the world. Listen to examples of her music at different periods of her career and view photos and costumes from throughout her lifetime....The story of Celia Cruz can inspire students of all ages to explore a wide range of subjects, including immigration, history, geography, music theory, music history, and art."
    Sections include: Her Life ; Her Music ; Her Dressing Room ; Resources ; Lesson Plans.

"O site do jazz e da música instrumental brasileira."

Cuentos en Ficticia Comunidad de Literatura: Cuentos, historias y narrativa.
This wonderful site includes two main sections: "Antologia (Anthology) Where short stories by recognized authors are added monthly. - Community: Where visitors may post, read & comment short-stories, literary discussions, and cultural events."

Gay & Lesbian Themes in Hispanic Literature & Cultures
From the exhibit Stonewall and Beyond: Lesbian and Gay Culture Before & After Stonewall.
Columbia University Libraries

Hispanic Culture Review
Print & Online journal published by students of George Mason University

Historical Museum of Southern Florida
Explore 10,000 Years of History and Culture in Greater Miami, South Florida and the Caribbean.

  • Calypso: A World of Music
    An Exhibition of Photographs and Illustrations of the International History of Calypso, 1930-1970.

Internet Public Library - Caribbean Literature - (dead link)
Online Literary Criticism Collection

Literatura Argentina Contemporánea - (dead link)
"La Literatura de Argentina. El sitio mas completo de literatura en lengua hispana. Textos, fotos, biografias, reportajes y audios. Numeros especiales. Participe de los cuentos interactivos y nuestro Chat. Envie Postales y mucho, mucho mas."

Literature in Latin America
Likely the most comprehensive online listing, includes both Regional and Country resources.
From LANIC, University of Texas

Latin American Music Center (LAMC)
Indian University School of Music

Latin Grammy Awards
Sections include: Awards ; Features ; Photos ; Videos.

Maya Stories
Traditional Storyteller's Tales.

Mexican and Latin American Literature: Selected Sources
by Laura M. Boyer, Librarian, California State University, Stanislaus

The Mexican Film Resource Page
Sections include: General & Organizational Sites ; Online Newspapers and Magazines ; Production/Distribution Companies, TV Networks ; Research Sites/Lists ; Pages I Created ; People, Films, Genres ; The Mexican Film Bulletin.
By David Wilt

Music of Puerto Rico (Spanish or English)
Educational site on music of Puerto Rico; music genres, native instruments; artist biographies with audio clips; history; glossary, search engine, and links to related sites."
- Published by non-profit, Music of Puerto Rico Foundation."

Nahau Literature
- From Aztec.Net

PBS - Frontline/World - Belize - The Exile's Song (January 2004)
"Over the course of 400 years, the Garifuna people of Central America's Caribbean coast have evolved a musical tradition that blends the African rhythms of their ancestors with indigenous instrumentation."
"...a 3-monthly Argentine and Latin American poetry cyberzine that includes unreleased poems, soon to be published poetry books and complete versions of out-of-print or hard to get books."

Essays of Contemporary Spanish-American Women Writers

An E-Journal of Culture Studies
Department of Letters, University of Guadalajara

Smith College - Center for Amazonian Literature and Culture

Society for Latin American Anthropology - (dead link)

Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas

  • Learning Aids - (dead link)
    "We currently have information on published and "semi-published" teaching and general reference materials for the following North American Indian languages or groups of languages."

Sources for the Study of Latin American Language and Literature
General bibliography of print resources.
Columbia University

West Indies Piano
Sections include: MIDI / MP3 ; Pianists ; Composers ; Pradel ; Piano ; Rankovich.
By Alain Pierre Pradel, Caribbean composer.

Women in Latin American Literature
By Adan Griego, Stanford University Libraries

V.S. Naipaul (1932- )

V.S. Naipaul
Nobel Prize for Literature 2001

Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)

Borges Studies On Line - (dead link) (English, Spanish, French)
"In order to increase its support to research activities, Variaciones Borges is now implemented with an electronic supplement: Borges Studies on Line. It is not a matter of digitally reproducing the printed edition of Variaciones Borges, but of a complementary and entirely new initiative, for which the contribution of all qualified scholars is requested. The aim of the project is to give a response to a growing need of reading scientific literature through internet."

The Jorge Luis Borges Center for Studies & Documentation - (dead link)

The Life & Works of Jorge Luis Borges (English or Castellano)
Sections include: Internet Resources ; News & Announcements ; Approaching Borges ; FAQ ; Suggested Reading.
By Marin Hadis

Bob Marley

National Library of Jamaica

Jose Clemente Orozco

Reconstructing The Orozco Murals
"Among the great works of Mexican artist Jose Clemente Orozco (1883-1949) are the powerful murals at Dartmouth College, Pomona College, and New School University. Beginning with a collection of photographs we have created a single distortion-free image mosaic of these murals. Combining these mosaics with a 3-D computer model, allows users an immersive, albeit virtual, experience of these beautiful works of art."
By Hany Farid, Computer Science Dept., Dartmouth College.

Marcia Theophilo
Poetry by Marcia Theophilo on Amazon Forest
"The topics of all her work is the Amazonian forest its people, river, animals, trees and myths, its beauty and the danger of its destruction.
Sections include: Poetry Pieces ; Essays on Poetry of Marcia Theophilo ; Biography ; Bibliography ; Gallery ; Links.

Magic Realism
Magic Realism
A brief discussion with links regarding this controversial label.
From The Modern World: Garcia Marquez page

Magic Realism: A Problem
An essay by David Mullan

Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism
A Perpetual Anthology

GarcÌa M·rquez - (dead link)
A well designed and extensive collection of resources. Includes: Biography ; Bibliography ; Reviews ; Criticism ; Nobel Prize ; Magical Realism ; Audio ; Film ; Music ; Images ; Papers ; Links.
From The Modern World

  • "The Mysteries of Bill Clinton"
    From - originally published in Cambio magazine.
    By GarcÌa M·rquez
  • "The Power of Gabriel GarcÌa M·rquez" - (dead link) New Yorker, September 27, 1999
    By Jon Lee Anderson
  • "Shipwrecked on Dry Land" - (dead link) [re: Eli·n Gonz·lez]
    March 29, 2000 New York Times Op-ed
    By GarcÌa M·rquez

Nobel Prize Internet Archive : Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Solitude of Latin America
Nobel Lecture, 8 December, 1982

On Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude
"The following is the full text of a lecture delivered, in part, in Liberal Studies 402, on Tuesday, March 28, 1995, by Ian Johnston. This text is in the public domain, released May, 1999..."

One Hundred Years of Solitude
Site devoted to the classic
by Margaret Lee

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