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Acquerello italiano, the audiomagazine for intermediate to advanced speakers of Italian and those interested in Italian lifestyle, culture and travel.
Produced six times a year in Rome, Acquerello italiano showcases the vitality and style of contemporary Italy. Recent issues include features on the sculpture collection of the Palazzo Altemps, Roman Jewish cuisine, and Seborga, a small principality in Liguria that wants to break away from Italy. Another key highlight is host Lao Petrilliís interview with controversial Benetton fashion photographer Oliviero Toscani about his daring advertising campaigns."

American Association of Teachers of Italian


Brown University Department of Italian Studies

Center for Italian Studies at SUNYSB

ICON - Italian Culture on the Net
Fee-based language courses
"The ICoN consortium offers fee-paying teaching services, but it also makes available a wealth of high quality materials totally free of charge. The most important texts of Italian culture, a virtual museum, Treccani Encyclopaedia and Dictionary entries: these are just some of the many significant resources hosted by this website, in addition to the actual course texts...An agreement among 24 of the most prestigious Italian universities has made it possible to set up no less than a veritable Faculty of Humanities on the Internet, designed for foreign students who wish to improve their knowledge of Italian culture and language. ICoN courses can be followed entirely on the Internet and are open to anyone who has an Internet connection."

ILUSS - Italiano Online
" a non-profit organization which promotes Italian language and culture abroad. ILUSS is a convenient, useful resource for teachers and students worldwide, offering three services: ILUSS FREE, ILUSS STUDENT and ILUSS SCHOOL."

Italian Language Course
11 interactive language lessons

Italian Language Related Resources

Italian Studies Web
" designed to provide access to scholarly resources in Italian Studies. We do not strive for exhaustiveness but rather for quality. The resources organized here have undergone a selection and evaluation process. If needed, annotations have been provided augmenting the research value of these resources to scholars."
By Jeffry Larson, Yale University

Vassar College Library Internet Subject Resources: Italian Language

Reference Desk
English-Italian-English Dictionary

English to Italian Hypertext Dictionary

Il dizionario di Virgilio

Italian Online WebChat - (dead link)

Italian OPACs: Italian Internet library catalogues (OPACs) directory

Italian Serials Lists

LOGOS: Multilingual Translation Portal - (dead link)
Italian Section
"The Wordtheque is a powerful interface with a massive database (currently 508.581.351 words) containing multilingual novels, technical literature and translated texts."

Digital Library
Bollettino '900
Electronic Newsletter of '900 Italian Literature
Università degli Studi di Bologna

Italian Literature Resources
New York University

The World of Dante- A Hypermedia Archive for the Study of the Inferno

Media Sources - (dead link)

RAI Italian
Radio Televizione Italiana

La Repubblica


Language Schools

Italian Language Schools Association

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Italian Language School
"Learn Italian in Florence, Rome and Siena while learning the Italian culture."

Spirito Italiano
Italian Language School - Learn Italian in Florence
"Spirito Italiano is a small Italian language school in Florence. Communicative teaching methods are adapted to the wish and capacity of students."

Torre di Babele
Italian Language School
" officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education and has been in operation since 1984 offering Italian language courses for students coming from all over the world. From beginning students to teachers we offer complete instruction or refresher courses in Italian for foreigners."

Villa Dante - Studio Italiano
"Villa Dante School - Center for Italian Language & Culture: Learn italian in the heart of southern Italy! Personalized courses- group classes 3-5students max. , individual & intensive programs available, wine & food appreciation and tasting classes; historic town along miles of pristine beaches; day trips to Sicily, Islands travelled by Odysseus, mountains & lakes, live volcano!, ancient Greek settlements, and much more for you to discover."


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