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Greek Grammar on the Web
The Electronic Gateway to the Study of Ancient Greek
"...contains ten sections (note that some of the reviewed web sites may be listed in more than one section): Greek Fonts - The Alphabet, Numerals, Accentuation and Pronunciation - Introductory Courses - Elementary Training - Dictionaries and Lexica - Systematic Grammar: Morphology and Syntax - History of the Greek Language - Advanced Study of the Language - The Reading of Ancient Greek Texts - Other Online Surveys and Bibliographies."
A wonderful collection of international resources.
By Prof. Marc HUYS, Departement Klassieke Studies, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

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Biblical Greek Mailing List
" a mailing list for discussing the Greek text and language of the Bible. Anyone interested in New Testament Studies is invited to subscribe, but the list assumes a working knowledge of Biblical Greek."

Biblical Greek: Learning New Testament and Septuagint Greek
Contents include Greek dictionaries, grammars, fonts, and introductory texts as well as an online tutorial for learning New Testament Greek. Beginner level.
Maintained by Jonathan Robie

Classical Studies Greek Drama and Poetry Database Project
Reception of the Texts and Images of Ancient Greece in Late Twentieth-Century Drama and Poetry
"The database aims to enable Reception studies to address issues of performance with the same degree of rigour and attention to evidence which is expected in textual studies and has been designed so that it can be searched for the careers of individuals and theatre companies as well as for Greek and modern authors, plays, themes and reviews...We hope that the database will prove a useful research and learning resource for academics and students working not only in Classical Studies but also in related areas such as modern literature and theatre studies. It will include material relating to poetry and film as well as drama."
Dept. of Classics, Open University

Greek Lexicon - (dead link)
From the Perseus Project

New Testament Greek
Online Courses
"Anyone is free to browse the site, use the Clik-Thru Tutor, do the exercises, etc. ... Registered students will pay a fee and in return will receive a structured course with feedback, assistance, and evaluations. Homework for each lesson will be submitted by e-mail and will be returned to the student with comments. Additional help will be available by e-mail correspondence. Each lesson will also have a final quiz that will be graded."
By Jeff Smelser

New Testament Greek Lexicon
Enter by Strong's Number, Greek or English Word
"The Greek Lexicon has been designed to help the user understand the original text of the Bible. By using the Strong's version of the Bible, the user can gain a deeper knowledge of the passage being studied...The New Testament Greek Lexicon based on Thayer's and Smith's Bible Dictionary plus others; this is keyed to the large Kittel and the 'Theological Dictionary of the New Testament.'"

Wordbase Greek
"A program that helps You learn Greek, specially designed for New Testament Greek. To use the program You need Windows 95 or Windows NT.... The 1450 most common words in the New Testament are listed according to their rate of occurence and can be studied. The dictionary has 2600 words Grammar and verbs are listed.

Greek Literature

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Perseus Project, The - (dead link)
An Evolving Digital Library
"Perseus is a continually growing digital library of resources for studying the ancient world. The library's materials include ancient texts and translations, philological tools, maps, extensively illustrated art catalogs, and secondary essays on topics like vase painting. A collaborative team from a number of academic institutions has worked together to amass Perseus materials. Over 70 museums have shared pictures of their art objects."
Tufts University

  • Perseus Greek and Latin Vocabulary Tool - (dead link)
    "The Perseus Vocabulary Tool is designed to allow users to explore the vocabulary of the Greek and Latin texts in the Perseus Digital Library. Using the Vocabulary Tool you can select a set of documents or document sections and then view a list of all of the words that appear in those texts."

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Archive of Watermarks and Papers in Greek Manuscripts
"The Watermark Archive is a research tool for scholars who work with Greek manuscripts. It is, at the same time, a vehicle for scholarly publication of watermarks and papers discovered in Greek manuscripts."
Produced by Robert W. Allison, Assoc. Prof. of Religion, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine

Cornell Greek Epigraphy Project - (dead link)
"Our goal is to make available computerized texts of as many Greek inscriptions as possible, from all areas and periods. This data bank of inscriptions is not intended to replace or reproduce printed editions: we do not attempt to reproduce the precise layout of printed texts, broken letters, critical apparatus, or commentary. The primary purpose of the data bank is to allow the texts to be searched as quickly and efficiently as possible by a variety of computers with appropriate programs."

Gospel of Mark - Greek Text
"The text used here is the UBS 3rd Edition, Corrected."
By Jay C. Treat, Ph.D.

Greek Prose Style
Home Page for Greek 701 at CUNY.
"has direct links to almost all the materials assigned in the course: Greek texts, bibliography, ancient criticism, an essay on Loose and Periodic Style, and more"
Hardy Hanson.

The Homer Page [English resources]
Sections include: Texts ; General Background ; Literary Criticism ; Images ; Allusions, Influences, and Variations ; Homer Projects ; Chat and Bulletin Boards.
By Steve Hale, Associate Professor, Humanities Division, Georgia Perimeter College

Internet Classics Archive
"Collection of 435 classical Greek and Latin texts, as well as select Chinese, Persian, and other classical works (all in English translation) by 50 different authors, with user-provided commentary and trivia sections."

Latin and Greek Authors on the Web
"The listings below provide links to substantial on-line resources for individual Latin and Greek authors. Most of the authors belong to the Greek and Roman classical antiquity, but some Christian, medieval and Neo-Latin writers were also included."
By Herman Lauvrys

Online Medieval and Classical Library
"A collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization."
Part of the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE.

Resources for Greek and Latin Classics

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