Prepare to Lead Your Classroom with a K-12 Education Degree

K-12 education is the teaching of 17 to 18 year olds in the 12th grade by educators and is widely recognized in the United States and Canada. Teachers engage directly with students by acting as mentors to help co-ordinate school activities. Most K-12 educators now incorporate the use of modern technology to enhance the teaching experience.

K-12 Education Degree FAQs

How Long Will It Take to Complete an Online K-12 Degree?

This will depend on the degree level the student possesses as well as a number of other factors, including, the amount time set aside for classes as well as dedication afforded to any required fieldwork. Acquiring an online Associate's degree would take two years, while a Bachelor's degree in K-12 education would typically take 4 years.

What Can I Do With a K-12 Education Degree?

There are a multitude of careers available within the education sector that can be pursued with an online K-12 education. For part time work, one can work as a teaching assistant which involves knowledge across a broad spread of subjects along with one-to-one assistance with students. Career possibilities also exist from kindergarten to high school as specialized teachers. Education administrators also provide an outlet for those wishing to develop administrative skills.

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