Create Wearable Art: Jewelry Design Degree

Do you appreciate jewelry not only for their sparkle and value, but also their intricate designs? If so, and you would love to see your own creative visions turned into tangible products, then a jewelry design degree is worth pursuing. The ability to create fine or costume jewelry will open many professional doors for you. Although it is a very competitive field, it offers you the opportunity to be very creative and seeing your designs come to life can be quite rewarding. Creating beautiful jewelry is an art, but one where your work will be worn and seen instead of left hanging on a wall.

Can I Study Jewelry Design Online?

Studying jewelry design online will allow you to learn at your own pace while still getting academic support via email or other online means. Content, such as lessons and study guides are delivered online and you might also receive a jewelry tool kit depending on where you choose to study. As you might not have access to a physical workshop for hands-on practice, some online courses provide you with design software to use instead. Many online jewelry design courses feature high definition videos by professional jewelry designer showing you step-by-step how to accomplish certain techniques. Since the lessons and videos are available online you will be able to study whenever it suits you best. By studying online you’ll not only free up more time, but can save money on not have to travel to classes every day. While many online jewelry design courses only provide certificates, there are others that offer credits you can then transfer to full degree programs.

What Topics Are Covered In Online Jewelry Design Courses?

Topics covered in an online jewelry design course can include the history of jewelry, basic design, computer design, technology and materials. You will also learn how to take your ideas to the prototype stage, enhancing your aesthetic sense and more. Many jewelry design courses include information on how to get hired as a jewelry designer by preparing your portfolio and samples. Some also focus on starting your own jewelry design business and marketing your own designs.

What Career Paths Will Be Available To Me?

Depending on your qualifications and area of interest there are a couple of different career paths that are available to you after studying jewelry design. Some students choose to become appraisers, which involves the evaluation of gemstones, contemporary as well as antique jewelry as well as fine watches. Pursuing this type of job usually involves writing detailed descriptions of jewelry and determining their valuation. You can also put your creativity to good use by becoming a designer. This job will allow you to take your inspiration and turn it into actual jewelry. If your passion leans more towards sales you can become a buyer and use your knowledge to profit from selling finished jewelry pieces. If you love working with your hands, then becoming a bench jewelry can be very rewarding as you will be able to manufacture and repair fine jewelry. There are also many other related fields, such as wholesale, research and retail that can be entered thanks to your knowledge of jewelry design. In addition, a lot of people decide to run their own business or work for themselves after studying jewelry design.

What Will My Duties Be After Studying Jewelry Design?

The type of work you will be doing after studying jewelry design will depend on the career direction you choose. It can include the designing as well as repairing of jewelry as well as activities like the polishing, setting and cutting of gem stones. You might also be required to design jewelry from your own designs or based on requests of clients. This can involve holding consultations with the client and then sketching out ideas by hand or using computer-aided design. Some jewelers also specialize in making adjustments to existing jewelry.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate To Enroll In This Type of Course?

Most of the skills needed to become successful can be taught, but you also have to be able to think creatively and produce new ideas. Drawing and computer design skills will also be to your advantages when producing designs as well as dexterity and attention to detail. Ideally you should be able to work to deadlines and possess excellent time-management skills. Good hand-eye coordination will also come in useful. If you plan on going into business for yourself, then you will need the ability to market your work as well as good negotiation skills. Of course, when opting for an online jewelry design course you must also be computer proficient and very self-motivated.

What Type of Salary Can I Potentially Earn In This Field?

Your salary as a jewelry designer can vary widely depending on whether you are self-employed or employed. Other factors, such as your experience, skill at promoting your business and how well-established you are can also play a big role. According to, the median salary for a jewelry designer in the United States is in the region of $50,000. While some jewelry designers are paid for making and selling individual pieces of jewelry, others prefer to only sell designs that are then mass produced.

What Will My Working Hours Be When Employed In This Industry?

When self-employed your working hours will be more flexible compared to jewelry designers who are employed. However, your work hours might also fluctuate depending on the demand for your services. When employed your working hours will be regular and usually won’t involve shifts.

Other Benefits of Studying Jewelry Design?

Being able to design jewelry is interesting, fun and very rewarding. There are also numerous industry-sponsored competitions at national and international level where you are able to showcase your designs for extra recognition. Best of all, you will be part of an industry that has been a big part of human society for thousands of years and where you can earn a lot of respect for your skills.

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