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Library of Congress Tools - see Cataloging

The California Periodicals Database
"...built in partnership with the California State Library, represents the journal holdings not only in the University of California system, but also in over 500 libraries statewide."

CONSER: Cooperative Online Serials
The Library of Congress' international cooperative serials cataloging program and component of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging.
Includes membership information, Annual Reports, meeting summaries, the program's newsletter CONSERline, and online resources for serials catalogers

Current Law Journal Content (CLJC)
Scanned journal contents pages.
"The database contains no articles in full-text, though it might contain links to full-text. CLJC is an indexing database (without any subject analysis) that can reconstitute the text arrangement of an issue's table of contents."
- Washington & Lee Law School

A Registry of Innovative E-Journal Features, Functionalities, and Content.
" a categorized registry of electronic journals, journal services, or 'knowledge environments' that offer or provide innovative or novel access, organization, or navigational features, functionalities, or content."
Compiled and maintained by Gerry McKiernan, Science and Technology Librarian and Bibliographer, Iowa State University Library

Health science Ejournal information from the National Library of Medicine

North American Serials Interest Group
Includes job listings, conference proceedings, and the NASIG Newsletter.

Sticker Shock
The Rising Costs of Scientific Journals
A fun site exposing the high costs of academic journals by showing what you could buy for the same price of an annual subscription. For example, instead of renewing your subscription to the Journal of Applied Polymer Science your could enjoy a brand new Toyota Corolla ($12,495.00).
- Cornell University Engineering and Computer Science Library

UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Documentation Centre

Online Degree Information

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