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1689: The English Bill of Rights

British and Irish Legal Information Institute
"...provides access to the most comprehensive free and up-to-date collection of British and Irish primary legal materials on the internet. As at 14 May 2000, BAILII includes 17 databases covering 5 jurisdictions. The system contains around one gigabyte of legal materials and well over 100,000 searchable documents with about 2.5 million hypertext links."

Digital Library of Historical Directories
"...a digital library of eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century local and trade directories from England and Wales."
"Directories of counties and towns are among the most important sources for local and genealogical studies. They include lists of names, addresses and occupations of the inhabitants of the counties and towns they describe, and successive editions reflect the changes in the localities over a period of time...This online collection will bring together a greater number and range of directories than any one repository could provide."
- University of Leicester New Opportunities Fund

Edwin C. Bolles Collection, 1765-1921
A Digital Archive on the History and Topography of London
"The digital archive represents a comprehensive and integrated collection of sources and resources on the history and topography of London. Texts, images, and maps in the Bolles collection are all interconnected. Together they form a body of material, heterogeneous in form, but homogeneous in theme, that transcends the limits of print publication and exploits the flexibility of the electronic medium. The digitized maps are linked to each other, to relevant source texts, and to illustrations of the locations as they appeared a the time or at present. Similarly, the texts are linked to the maps and the images, and so on."
University Archives, Tufts Library, Tufts University

Enemy Property
"This site contains summary details of some 30,000 records held at the Public Record Office relating to property in the United Kingdom seized between 1939 and 1945 from commercial organisations and individuals resident in countries with which the United Kingdom was at war."

English Laws for Women in the Nineteenth Century
Originally published in 1854 by Caroline Norton (1808-1877)
From the Victorian Women Writers Project Library

FamilySearch - Census Records
"You can choose the 1880 United States, 1881 British Isles, or the 1881 Canadian Census."
- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Imperial War Museum - Online Exhibitions

Internet Modern History Sourcebook
"Like the long-established Internet Medieval Sourcebook, this project is intended to serve the needs of teachers and students in college survey courses in modern European history or modern Western Civilization."
Paul Halsall, Fordham University

Irish Penal Laws
Laws in Ireland for the Suppression of Popery
"The purpose of this site is not to discuss the historical context of the Penal Laws or their enforcement, or their effect, but simply to make the raw material accessible to historians, legal scholars, students, and other interested people...On this site you will find the text of those Penal Laws which were passed in Ireland during the reigns of William and Mary, William III, Anne, and George I and II, that is to say, from 1691 to 1760. In addition, the site contains certain English statutes relating to the status of Irish Catholics."
By M. Patricia Schaffer, JD Columbia University Law School

A London Provisioner's Day Book, 1635-1563 - Demonstration
"This web-page is designed to demonstrate a preliminary version of the interface for our online edition of the Day Book. Our goal is to electronically recreate the format and language of the original manuscript that was not conveyed in the sole published edition in 1848."

Maps of the French and Indian War
[Seven Years War]
From the Collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society
Sections include: About the War ; About Maps ; Online Atlas ; View Maps.

National Library of Australia

  • The George Raper Collection
    National Library of Australia Online Exhibit
    "In 1787, when only 17 years old, George Raper joined the crew of HMS Sirius.... Items in this collection provide wonderful insights into the life and work required of eighteenth-century midshipmen in the British Navy. Apart from their intrinsic value as an original record of hydrographic survey during the voyage of the First Fleet, the collection as a whole demonstrates the practical skills required by naval officers to master the theory of navigation. The collection brings together excellent examples of three types of documents of vital importance for sailorsócoastal profiles, maps and navigation calculations."

Penny Magazine
"...published every Saturday, was aimed at the working class. It was part of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge's program for liberal reform."

Picture Library Search
From UK's National Portrait Gallery
"...shows the most influential characters in British history portrayed by the finest artists of their generation...runs to some 10,000 items in our Main Collection, with a further 1,000,000 in the archive."

UK National Audit Office (NAO)

Victorian Times Project
"Victorian Times is a NOF-Funded Digitisation project examining social, political and economic developments in Victorian Britain (1837-1901)."

Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies
"We have documents, maps, books, photos, census, newspapers etc. relating to the history of all areas now within the present Borough of Wolverhampton including Bilston, Bushbury, Penn, Tettenhall, and Wednesfield."

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