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History of Science Society

"...a free, online database that organizes more than 600 institutions, associations, and serial publications involved with the history of science, technology and medicine. It can also connect you to more than 5,000 historians and philosophers of science worldwide."

American Institute of Physics

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit membership corporation created for the purpose of promoting the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics and its application to human welfare. It is the mission of the Institute to serve the sciences of physics and astronomy by serving its member societies, by serving individual scientists, and by serving students and the general public.

chemsoc timeline
"A linear based exploration of key events in the history of science with a particular emphasis on chemistry."

Classic Chemistry
"The principal purpose of this site is to post the texts of several classic papers from the history of chemistry. This site also contains pointers to a few other chemistry-related sites and supports my courses."
Compiled by Carmen Giunta, Dept. of Chemistry, Le Moyne College

DNA Interactive
"This site is dedicated to the moment on February 1953, when Jim Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double-helical structure of DNA - and to the scientists who breathed life into that structure."
Sections include: Timeline ; Code ; Manipulation ; Genome ; Applications ; Chronicle.
- The Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Echo: Exploring & Collecting History Online
Science, Technology, and Industry
"Echo provides a centralized guide and portal for those seeking websites on the history of science and technology. This guide helps researchers find the exact information they need while also granting curious browsers a forum for exploration..."
Sections include: Research Center ; Collecting Center ; Tools Center ; Resource Center.

  • FECS Millennium Project
    Celebration of 100 Distinguished European Chemists from the Chemical Revolution to the 21st Century

PBS - American Experience - The Pill (February 24, 2003)
"The film The Pill and this companion Web site offer insights into topics in American history including advances in science and medicine, contraception, eugenics, social engineering, population trends, government involvement in legislating social behavior, conflicts between religious values and societal trends, feminist activism of the 1960s, twentieth century women's movements, women's changing roles in society, women and work, the evolving relationship of the medical profession to the lay public and the growth of the pharmaceutical industry."
Sections include: Film Description ; Transcript ; Primary Sources ; Further Reading ; Special Features ; Timeline ; Gallery ; People & Events ; Teacher's Guide.

PBS - NOVA - Medieval Siege
In the film, which is a part of the NOVA series Secrets of Lost Empires, a team of timber framers and other specialists design, build, and fire a pair of trebuchets, a devastating engine of war popular in the Middle Ages. Here's what you'll find online:" Medieval Arms Race ; NOVA Builds a Trebuchet ; Life in a Castle ; Destroy the Castle ; Resources ; Teacher's Guide.

PBS - NOVA - Secret of Photo 51 (April 2003)
Meet the Unsung Heroine Behind the Discovery of DNA's Double Helix.
"...unravels the mystery behind the discovery of the double helix and investigates the seminal role that Rosalind Franklin and her remarkable X-ray photograph played in one of the greatest discoveries in the history of science... The program draws on extensive interviews with surviving major participants in the DNA drama."
Sections include: Article & Interview ; Slide Shows & Interactives ; Resources ; Links & Books ; Program Transcript.

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