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Windows On Italy - History - (dead link)
Early Italic Tribes.

Atlas of Napoleonic Cartography in Italy
"This web atlas is a pilot project designed to show the number and variety of manuscript maps surviving from the Napoleonic War period and the value of internet technology for their analysis, dissemination, and use."
- Service Historique de l'ArmÈe de terre

BBC - Renaissance Secrets
"Renaissance Secrets goes on three, half hour quests of discovery to uncover some enduring mysteries of the Renaissance."
Episodes include: Mysteries of Marriage ; Riddle of the Dome ; Secret of the Winter Garden.
Sections include: What is History ; Doing History ; Links ; Venice: A Second Hand City ; The Italian Patient ; Conspiring Against the Queen ; What Did Gutenberg Invent?

"...offers a comprehensive bibliography on Early Modern Italian topics (1635-1800) of works published in English and French. Baroque Italian history and culture, long neglected or denigrated by scholars, is quickly attracting the attention it deserves as the era of Italyís greatest cultural impact on Western Civilization. It was a crucial period in the formation of Italian political traditions and the era in which enduring traits of Italian society took hold...This bibliography is designed to enable both students and researchers of Italian and European history, art history, music, literature, philosophy, religion and science to have the entire range of scholarship over the past 150 years at their fingertips."
By Gregory Hannlon, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

Institute and Museum of History of Science, Florence, Italy

Consortium of Art History and Humanities Libraries in Florence
"...represents a unique resource for scholarly research in the humanities. The focus is on art history (including references on art conservation and restoration) and the Renaissance in all its aspects (history, literature, philosophy, political theory, and music), with particular attention to scholarship on the Italian Renaissance."

Lagoon of Venice (Italian or English)
"Measures for the defence against high tides and sea storms and the environmental equilibrium of the lagoon."
Sections include: Activities ; Lagoon Ecosystem ; On Line Archives ; Themed Sections ; Lagoon Glossary.
- Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Venice Water Authority

Medioevo Italiano
"Medieval Italian history & culture, portal, e-journal, international discussion list & news. In 5 languages. Online from 1999."

National [U.S.] Gallery of Art (NGA)

Online Catasto of 1427
Florentine Renaissance Resources

PBS NOVA - Sinking City of Venice
Companion to the TV broadcast.
"Experts struggle to save the City of Canals before it vanishes beneath the waves."
Sections include: See the Gates in Action ; Weighing the Solutions ; Venice Under Siege ; What Causes the Tides? ; Links & Books ; Teacher's Guide ; Program Transcript.

Online Version of Thesaurus Musicarum Italicarum (TMI)
"...is an electronic corpus of Italian music treatises from the Renaissance and early Baroque in multimedial transcription and in digital facsimile."
Free registration required.
- Institute of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Venezia Cinquecento (Italian or English)
Studi di storia dell'arte e della cultura
A quarterly devoted to the study of Venetian art and culture history

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