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Beyond the Holocaust: Survival or Extinction
Survivor Peter Zuckerman's online book

Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
"A collection of over 4,000 videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors of the Holocaust...which are comprised of over 10,000 recorded hours of videotape. Testimonies are produced in cooperation with 37 affiliated projects across North America, South America, Europe, and Israel..."
The site includes excerpts of the testimonies, catalog and research guide, as well as a nice listing of educational resources.
- Manuscripts and Archives, Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University.

Letters to Sala: A Young Woman's Life in Nazi Labor Camps
Sections include: Introduction ; Sala's Europe, 1939-1945 ; Prewar Jewish Life and Deportation ; Nazi Slave Labor Camps ; The Judenrat ; Geppersdorf ; Nazi Postal System ; Ala Gertner ; Sala's Labor Camps ; Jewish Holidays ; Harry Haubenstock ; Schatzlar ; Liberation ; In America.

Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
"Founded by Steven Spielberg in 1994...Dedicated to videotaping and archiving interviews of Holocaust survivors all over the world."

Voice Vision: Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories
"Dr. Sid Bolkosky, Professor of History at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, has interviewed over 150 survivors of the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews. His interviews with these survivors are recorded on about 330 hours of audio tapes and 60 hours of video tapes."

Voices of the Holocaust
A Documentary Project by the Illinois Institute of Technology
"During the summer of 1998, Galvin Library staff uncovered a 16-volume set of typescripts that detail first-hand accounts of horrible brutality, incredible survival, and liberation of Holocaust victims. The set includes 70 of the original 109 interviews that were conducted in 1946 and transcribed into English by Dr. David Boder...This site will integrate, in the near future, the transcriptions of the interviews, reproductions of the original wire recordings, maps, essays by scholars and survivors, papers of Dr. Boder, and other information from our archives, into a seamless, searchable, multimedia Web site."

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