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Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
"A collection of over 4,000 videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors of the Holocaust...which are comprised of over 10,000 recorded hours of videotape. Testimonies are produced in cooperation with 37 affiliated projects across North America, South America, Europe, and Israel..."
The site includes excerpts of the testimonies, catalog and research guide, as well as a nice listing of educational resources.
Manuscripts and Archives, Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Film & Video Archive
"The Archive includes some 200 hours of motion picture footage... There also is extensive material on American responses to the events in Europe from 1933 to 1945, including rallies, protests, speeches, newsreel coverage, and radio broadcasts."

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Library
"There are currently more than 22,200 books and journals in its multi-language collection."

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Oral History Archive
"The Oral History Archive contains more than 2,900 interviews, mostly in English. Some 300 of the videotaped interviews are of Polish Catholics, Roma and Sinti ("Gypsies"), political prisoners, homosexuals, resistance fighters, rescuers, liberators, and postwar prosecutors of Nazi crimes."

University of Minnesota - Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS)
Sections include: Virtual Museum of Holocaust and Genocide Art ; Histories, Narratives, Documents ; Educational Resources ; Links & Bibliography.

Yad Vashem Archive
"estimated at some 40-50 million pages. The collection includes documentation from Jewish sources, Nazi sources, and sources from the various authorities in other countries. The archives also contains a large collection of documentation from the postwar trials against Nazi war criminals- including the Nuremberg trials (IMT and subsequent trials)."

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Museums and Memorials

Ghetto Fighters House Museum
"It is unique among Holocaust museums in that it focuses on the history of the Jewish Resistance...The archives of the Ghetto Fighters' House contain many documents reflecting the fate of individual Jews and entire Jewish communities such as diaries, testimonies (from during and after the War), personal documents, newspapers (legal and illegal), letters, official correspondence of several Jewish institutions, registration of Displaced Persons, Dutch Archives, etc."

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
"The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is America's national institution for the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history, and serves as this country's memorial to the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust."
The site Includes a number of online exhibits and is suitable for both school children and advanced scholars.

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